The summer is eventually here, or at least it is when I'm writing this, and so it is time for Summer Balls.

A common factor with Summer Balls is the demand for group photos.  The demand tends to rise as the night progresses and more alcohol has been consumed!

This is where our new panoramic background comes into play.  It's large!  4 metres wide, and 2.5 metres tall.  This means that we can get very large groups of people into shot - 20 to 30 people with no difficulty, although getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time can be a bit more tricky - "there's always one".

We thrive on operating on busy occasions so no matter how big and bustling your event is we can cope.  If necessary we will double up photographers and viewing stations.

We have two main methods to fund for our attendance;

Fixed Price - Bespoke Service

This is where you pay a fixed fee to us for attending.  There are various options and which you take will be dependent on your event.  For example;

  • photos taken with no prints
  • unlimited prints
  • fixed number of prints free - perhaps linked to the ticket
  • social sharing - guests can Tweet, or add to Facebook their photos via an iPad

The two main reasons to use the fixed price route are because it's a corporate event, or the price of photography has already been costed into the event.  Use our CONTACT FORM to enquire about your event.

Free Attendance

We will attend your event for free but guests will purchase their photos from us.  We print on location in two sizes 9" x 6", and 12" x 8".

This is a very popular option as it adds no cost to your event, or ticket price.

All we ask is that there is a minimum of 150 attendees at the event.

Social Buzz

This summer we shall be introducing a Social Sharing aspect to events.  Photographs taken will be immediately available to view and share on Twitter and Facebook via iPad.  For 'Free Attendance' events we restrict the social sharing to photographs purchased.