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Green screen photography can be great fun, and ideal for corporate events, trade shows, activations and also private parties. One of our customers has even had headshots of all of their staff taken so they can replace the background from time to time.

The whole concept of green screen photography is to take a photograph of someone against a green background and then replace that green background with a virtual digital backdrop.

Transport your guests to space, to a well known tourist attraction such as Buckingham Palace, superimpose them to a branded ‘step and repeat backdrop – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Guests will be able to;

  • have their photo printed instantly
  • be able to receive their photo instantly in digital form to an email address, or via a text message

Branding is available either on the image itself, or by using photo wallets.

Read the technical details on Wikipedia

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How it works

Green screen photography will appear to be quite simple at your event but it is backed up by a lot of clever technology and experienced photographers who truly understand lighting and what will work for you.

At a ‘typical’ event the process will be as follows;

  • photographer takes photos of guest against the green screen backdrop
  • images are sent wirelessly to a viewing and printing station
  • the magic happens
  • guests view their photos
  • photos are printed and/or shared to social media

Depending upon the event we may have a single digital backdrop, or a variety of backdrops.

Alice Wonderland

On-site photo printing


Even with the advent of social media and digital photography there is still something something very special about a printed photo.

In 20 years time you when you have lost all your digital images, or have forgotten what computer/folder they are in you will still be able to go to that shoe box, dig out that print and have a laugh!

Guests love prints, possibly because they so rarely get them these days.

By providing prints at your event you can be guaranteed to please your guests.

We print photos fast!

It takes us less than 10 seconds to print a 6 x 4 inch (15cm x 10cm) photo, and about 15 seconds for a 9 x 6 inch (22.5cm x 15cm).

We can easily print hundreds of photos at an event if it is busy.

Check out our detailed post about instant on-site photo printing services by clicking the link.


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Instant digital delivery



“I want it, and I want it now”

It’s the era of instant gratification, and posting on the socials to gain likes and followers. We can help with that!

We have the facility for guests to instantly share their photos by text message or by email.

This is done by iPads and is fast. As soon as the photo has been processed it will be available for sharing.

Additionally, if you want data collection, eg email addresses for future marketing we can add in a survey that is GDPR compliant to collect this information.

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Case study


We were asked by Dell to work on an activation in Westfield Shopping Centre for six days.

As you can see from the photo we needed to merge the physical laptop AND the green screen. 

Guests were given the choice of five backdrops to choose from and they could see themselves live on a monitor just in front of the giant laptop.

For this to work we needed to use. very wide angle lens and edit each background so they were pixel perfect. Technically this was an incredibly challenging activation.

The green screen processing was on a Dell laptop as was the social sharing which incorporated data collection.

Over the six days we printed hundreds of photos for guests and made a great impression with the giant laptop!


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Most of our green screen work is in the corporate event sector where branding becomes incredibly important.

If branding is important at your event we will work with you to create a design and provide a mock-up using previously taken green screen photos for you to approve.

Linked to our instant digital delivery service this can be a very powerful method to get your brand in front of many people.

world cup

Green screen GIF photobooth


As well as providing a green screen photography service we also have a GIF Photobooth that we use for Boomerang style GIFs and ‘normal’ four photo GIFs.

We can print the four photo GIFs; either all four photos on one print, or just the first photo of the four.

This service is massively popular with guests and clients alike.

Like our photography service guests can have printed photos, and also are able to send their images to themselves instantly via text message or email.

We can have video backgrounds and animated overlays with this service!

Click the link above for more information on this service.


Green screen without the Green Screen!


Our latest service, and it’s brilliant (if we say so ourselves!).

Linked with our roaming photography service we now don’t need a green screen to replace a background!

We think this is great and adds a whole new dimension to roaming photography.

All we need for this service is a decent wifi connection.

Guests can immediately receive their event photos via text or email, and we can print as well.

Give us a call and we can chat this through to see if it would be appropriate for your event.


roaming photography with green screen

Photo mosaic wall


You can link up any of our green screen photography services with our Photo Mosaic Wall service.

We take the photos that have been taken and print them onto 2 inch square tiles that are then placed onto a grid to form a picture.

The picture can be a logo, or brand message, or indeed anything you want.

Photos can be combined with photos we harvest from Twitter and Instagram with certain hashtags.

Check out the service by clicking the link above.

merge magic mosaic

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