On-site Instant Photo Printing at Events

instant printing at events

On-site Instant Photo Printing at Events

At Ignite Images one of the main questions we get revolves around our instant on-site photo printing service.

It is a service that we offer to both our corporate clients and private clients and is popular with both in equal measure.

We have worked with major brands such as Samsung, BT Sport, Fred Perry, Mont Blanc, and Amazon amongst others at their events with great success.

We don't only work with major brands, however, we are equally comfortable in providing out print on-site service for smaller companies and organisations.

Every week of the year we are attending some type of event where instant printing on-site is required so you can be assured we have a great deal of experience in this matter.

If you have an idea for an event we can provide guidance as to what works, what doesn't and how we can help you achieve your goals.

What type of events do you cover?

Primarily we cover corporate events of some description, although we do also provide this service to private clients, and organisations.

The corporate jobs we have been asked to cover are very varied and include;

  • Product launches
  • Recognition events
  • Corporate parties
  • Brand activations
  • Experiential events

A key part of our service is to provide advice as to what will work at your event, and how it will operate from a workflow perspective. Having provided a print on-site service at hundreds of events we have a lot of knowledge as to what will work and what won't.

print on-site activation

Eddie the Iron Maiden mascot - mobile game launch

What is the speed of printing?

The specification of the printers we use to print a 9 x 6 inch photo indicate that it takes 16.4 seconds to produce this which means that theoretically we could print 219 photos an hour.

In practice this doesn't happen, as often we are reliant on guest choice of images, or simply the event we are covering will have peaks and troughs in demand.

The most popular size of print for corporate events and activations is 6 x 4 inch which takes 10 seconds to produce. We have produced 320 prints in an hour before which is close the the theoretical maximum of 360 prints.

With only one printer in operation we have often printed between 300 - 500 photos at events. If we need to print more, or the same number in a lesser time we will simply increase the number of printers and operators.

We tend to find that it is at corporate events where speed and volume are most critical and with these it is often the case that our operators will be both selecting the prints and printing and mounting them.

on-site photo printing

21st Anniversary of Freedom Day for the RSA High Commission

What size can you print on-site?

We use DNP printers. Not a brand known in the consumer market so many people will not have heard of them - DNP Photo

The two models we use from DNP are the DS40 and the DNP 80.

The DNP 40 can print in sizes;

  • 6 x 4 inch
  • 8 x 6 inch
  • 9 x 6 inch

The DNP DS80 prints 10 x 8 inch or 12 x 8 inch which can be ideal for group shots.

The greater size of photo the greater length of time it takes to to print. For a 6 x 4 inch print it takes approx 10 seconds rising to 45 seconds for a 12 x 8 inch print.

For fast paced corporate event photography we tend to keep to the smaller sizes to stop any queuing.

on-location photo printing

Fred Perry - Christmas Jumper Party for international agents

What is the quality like?

In the words of DNP - "DS Series™ award winning professional event photography printers are high-resolution dye-sublimation printers that produce rich photos that display full color details and smooth gradation.

The lamination layer on the media provides resistance to fading, fingerprints, water, ozone, and dust."

And we agree!

The quality is truly superb. At every event we have attended we always have comments revolving around the quality of photos we have produced, and also the short time it has taken to print them. This is partially helped by the fact that so many people are used to simply viewing photos on the computer these days so when the hold a high quality print they are blown away.

We have never received a single complaint at any event about the quality of the print which says something. They may not like the face they deliberately pulled for the camera but the quality of print isn't an issue!

You will find the same type of printers (or indeed exactly the same) in the photo kiosks in the likes Boots or Jessops.

Event Awards - The Troxy

How are the photos mounted?

We have three main options for this;

  • Card Strut Mount
  • Glass Mount
  • Bespoke Photo Wallet
  • By default we will use a strut mount although we are happy to use the mount of your choice.

    If you are after branded photo wallets we will need the artwork approx a week prior to the event. To give you some indication of cost for 500 wallets in full colour (both sides) on 350gsm stock would cost approx £300. Higher runs will obviously lead to a lower unit cost.

    With the strut mounts we are able to add foil blocking provided we have sufficient notice and a minimum quantity is ordered.

Thomas the Tank Engine - Movie Launch

How Can the Photos be Branded?

Branding when it comes to corporate events, activations and experiential events can be very important.

There are four main ways in which we we can assist with branding;

  • Overlay or logo added to the print
  • A branded backdrop - such as a 'step and repeat' backdrop
  • Bespoke photo wallets
  • Overlay added to digital files
  • Bespoke landing page for digital images

Which branding route you choose will depend upon your event. For instance if you are using a 'step and repeat' backdrop with your logo on it then it may not be necessary to add a logo to the photo.

If on the other hand we are utilising a non-branded backdrop then it would make sense to add an overlay, which may be simply your logo, or it may also have details of the event.

The photo below is from the same session as the first image on this post and shows the overlay we used. The event was the launch of a new mobile game based upon the Iron Maiden mascot Eddie. Over 250 photos were taken in four hours at the activation.

Legacy of the Beast - Mobile Game Launch

What backdrops can be used?

We shoot against a variety of backdrops, including, but not limited to;

  • Plain black velvet backdrop
  • Green screen - we will add the background after the photo has been taken
  • 'Step and Repeat' backdrops
  • Staged sets

We are happy to provide guidance as to what type of backdrop will work best for your event.

Should you wish us to source a 'step and repeat' backdrop, or a staged set and we will arrange this.

1930s Themed Event

Can the photos be shared to social media?

Whilst we love physical prints we also recognise the importance of digital images and especially their use on social media for brand amplification.

We provide two systems for delivery of digital images;

iPad Sharing

With this option we set up iPads on stands near the printing station. Images are automatically sent to the iPads from the host computer.

The guest/customer selects their photos on the iPad and then has the option of;

  • Emailing them
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Text message

With the email and text message routes the client will be directed to a bespoke microsite of the client. From there they can post to social media or download the image. The microsite may also include special offers, links, mailing list sign-up, competitions etc.

The advantage of the email/text message route is that guests don't need to remember a password! Very often we find that guests have forgotten.

Online Gallery

With all of our events our clients will be provided with a free online password protected gallery.

From there guests may download their photos in high resolution and also share directly to social media.

Pixie Lott - against green screen with a virtual backdrop

What other services can be combined with the print on-location service?

Often the print on-location service is only part of the photography we provide on the day of an event.

Other photography that we can provide includes;

  • Roaming photography - with or without social media sharing
  • Gala dinners
  • Conferences
  • Photobooths

We have a team of photographers who can assist with all photography needs at your event.

What is the cost of this service?

This really depends upon the nature of the event.

For social events we have very explicit pricing which is shown on the relevant pages of this site (links below).

For corporate jobs and working with experiential marketers we will provide a bespoke price. Factors we consider for this include the complexity of the event, number of staff required, pre-event preparation, bespoke mounts and of course the number of prints required.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our on-site instant photo printing service please click the button below or go to our contact page.