With so much time and effort that is invested in planning and producing a conference it is important that great images are captured of it for both internal and PR use plus of course to help advertise your conference the following year.

Ignite Images are experienced in photographing small meetings through to a large multi-day conferences.

We cover most areas of the country with an emphasis on the London and the South East, the Midlands, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle upon Tyne.

We find that all events are unique with organisers having specific requirements in terms of images needed from the conference and how these will be used.

To achieve best results we will ensure that your requirements are fully discussed beforehand so that we fully understand your needs.

Additionally, we will arrive at the venue early to meet all key people and get a sense of the venue and its particular requirements.

As a general rule of thumb we will look to cover the following areas;

  • Speakers
  • Branding
  • Audience
  • Networking
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Room(s) & General Scene Setting

We look to provide a variety of photos to those who book us. See the following sections for examples.


Conference 01

Close up photos of the keynote speakers

These are often the most important speakers at your conference and will often be used in post event publications and of course to promote your event next year.

It is key to get great close up photos of these speakers in action.

We aim to be as discreet as possible, after all attendees aren’t there to see the photographer.

Photos from varying angles will be taken so there will be a variety of shots in the final delivery.

Here are some examples.

IMG 4779 2 2
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IMG 9893 2 2 2
GS250118 ARTP 464 3

We include branding

Branding is crucial for many events we cover.

This may be the branding of sponsors, or of the conference itself.

We shall always look to include a good selection of photos that include branding.

Typically it isn’t possible in all shots but a wide selection will be provided. Assuming there is branding of course!

5DDD0625 3
5DDD9507 2 2
5DDD2432 2 2
IMG 9962 2 2 2

The wider view

Close up photos are great but it is also important to provide wider shots which show the context of the event.

We will move around the room discreetly and take photos from different angles and views taking multiple photos from each location.


5DDD5504 3
IMG 9512 2 2
IMG 9925 2 3
5DDD0887 3

Awards shows

If you are running an awards show, or if awards are part of the conference you are running you will realise the importance of capturing the award giving moment.

It can be a bit chaotic on stage when these are awarded so a photographer with a calm temperament is needed to get winners in position for photographs – and take more than one photo in case of people blinking!

IMG 1590 2 2
IMG 4916 3
IMG 2044 2 2 2
5DDD3988 2 2

Smaller meetings and conferences

We don’t just photograph large scale conferences, we are equally at home at smaller meetings and similar events.

They are typically more difficult to photograph from a technical perspective due to lack of staging, dedicated lighting and limited branding.


5DDD7262 2 2
IMG 3949 3
5DDD8775 2 2
5DDD1152 2 2

Audience photos

It’s really important to include audience photos within the images we deliver.

They provide great context to the event you are running – and of course attendees like to see themselves.


5DDD0785 2 2
IMG 9255 2 2
IMG 1360 3
IMG 3832 2 2

Trade show imagery

Many conferences will have a trade area running alongside.

We will take engaging shots of guest interaction with the trade stands and ensure branding is present in the photos.

IMG 9836 2 3
IMG 9571 2 2 2
IMG 5940 2 2

Panel discussions at conference

Panel discussions are often an integral part of conferences.

They provide the opportunity to capture many of the speakers in photographs and can be a great image to share online.


5DDD1052 2 2
IMG 0246 2 2
5DDD4439 2 2
5DDD9481 3


Networking is a key part of all conferences.

Typically we will shoot a lot of networking photos. During business hours we will tend to take candid photos with a few posed ones.

During drinks receptions this will typically switch around with a greater emphasis on posed photos.

IMG 3700 2 2
IMG 3496 3
5DDD7816 2 2
IMG 3342 2 2

Gala dinner photography

What conference wouldn’t be complete without the gala dinner?

The gala dinner provides us with the opportunity to take lots of fun photos of guests letting their hair down.

Plus of course we will cover speeches, entertainment and any awards that may be presented.

We can provide a separate password protected gallery for guests to view these photos post conference.

IMG 1933 2 2 2
5DDD3720 3
5DDD7554 3
IMG 1960 2 3

Other moments

As well as the standard photos we will take we will also look for the unusual moments and capture these.

They can ’round off’ the overall look of photos of your conference.

IMG 5951 3
IMG 2819 2
IMG 9580 2 3
IMG 9955 2

Delivery of photographs

We aim to deliver your images within 7 days of your event but typically it will be within 48 – 72 hours.

If you need a selection of images on the day, the following day or for your gala dinner we will be able to provide these and often do.

Our preference is to deliver images electronically via our gallery and/or a service such as Google Drive or WeTransfer.

We will sort images into relevant folders so that you don’t need to trawl through hundreds of images to find the one you want.


Extra services: Headshot studio

A conference can be a great occasion to update employee headshots.

We can set up a photo studio at your event and capture some great headshots. We can run the studio in the breaks, or throughout the conference.

Many of your employees, or attendees will have some quite poor headshots, especially on Linkedin – this can be a great opportunity for them to be refreshed.