Conference Photography

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Conference Photography

With so much time and effort that is invested in planning and producing a corporate conference it is important that great images are captured of it for both internal and PR use.

Ignite Images are experienced in photographing anything from a small meeting to a large conference. We cover all areas of the country with an emphasis on the London, South East and Newcastle upon Tyne areas of the country.

What we cover

As a general rule of thumb we will look to cover the following areas;

  • Speakers
  • Branding
  • Audience
  • Networking
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Room(s) & General Scene Setting

Prior to your Event

We find that all events are unique with organisers having specific requirements in terms of images needed from the conference and how these will be used.

To achieve best results we will ensure that your requirements are fully discussed beforehand so that we fully understand your needs.

Additionally, we will arrive at the venue early to meet all key people and get a sense of the venue and its particular requirements.

At your conference or meeting

We like to be discreet at conferences, after all it isn't us that people have come to see!

To this end we use state of the art cameras able to take photos in low light and without the use of flash. There is nothing more distracting than a photographer firing flash every few seconds.

That said there are times when flash can be very useful, such as when people receive awards etc.

We will keep in touch with the event organisers throughout the day to ensure we on track with the work we are producing and if there are any changes.


We aim to deliver your images within 7 days of your event but typically it is sooner than this.

If you need a selection of images on the day, or the following day we will be able accommodate this request.

Our preference is to deliver images electronically via our gallery. Our gallery showcases images in a fresh and modern way, much like Flickr, ie in a masonry style. Images can be downloaded individually, or in bulk and additionally we will add social sharing buttons (if required) so they may be added simply to Twitter, Facebook, or emailed to people.

The use of galleries enables you to share images with colleagues in an easy and simple manner without having to use USB drives, or DVDs.

We will sort images into relevant folders so that you don't need to trawl through hundreds of images to find the one you want.

Galleries will typically be password protected.

Extras - Headshots

A conference can be a great occasion to update employee headshots.

We can set up a photo studio at your event and capture some great headshots. We can run the studio in the breaks, or after the conference.

Many of your employees, or attendees will have some quite frankly woeful profile shots - this can be a great opportunity for them to be refreshed.

Extras Team Building

Many conference organisers will tag onto their event some form of team building, or extra curricular activity.

We have photographed the likes treasure hunts, community help, London sightseeing and driving.

It is possible for us to capture these events on your behalf - it's likely that guests will wish to see these images more than those of the conference. We can add a separate gallery for these images with social sharing buttons.

Drinks Reception / Socilaising

At many conferences there will be a drinks reception prior to the event, or a gala dinner with entertainment.

In these circumstances we can offer the following services;

  • Roaming photographer
  • Photo studio
  • Green screen
  • Print on-site

Let us know your requirements and we will cost out these extra services.

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