Something different with instant photo printing

Are you looking for something different at your event?

Ignite Images are one of the UKs leading providers of on-site instant photo printing at corporate events and we always like to innovate and stay ahead of the game.

Our new service is Instant Sticker Printing and as they say it does what it says on the tin.

Clients for our instant photo printing service include The Crown, Fiat, BT Sport, Tesco, Amazon, Disney, Visa, Mastercard and many others.





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Companies we have worked with

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Is it a sticker or is it a ‘normal’ photo print?

It’s both!

Let’s face it when running an event you don’t know who will want a sticker and who will want a ‘normal’ photo print.

When the photo is printed it looks and feels just like any other photo print. What makes it special is that you can peel off the backing and then you have a sticker.

Stickers are low tack so they can be moved around if necessary without leaving residue.

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Print sizes and speed of printing

As can be seen from the graphic we are able to print in many different sizes from photobooth strips through to panoramas.

At most corporate events we print 6 x 4 inch photos but the choice is yours.

Speed wise a 6 x 4 inch print will be produced in approximately 8 seconds and a 9 x 6, or 8 x 6 inch print in approximately 15 seconds.

For busy events where speed is critical we can simply double up the printers.

Overlays and logos can be added automatically to prints for branding purposes.


smaller ip60sizing layout 1

Simple to share

Everything about our workflow can also be geared around simple photo sharing.

As soon as a photo has been taken;

  • text
  • email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In our experience most people share via text or email (largely due to forgetting login details!).


sharing station

Next steps……

If you think one of our systems may work for your event then give us a call or send us a message.

We will guide you through the options so you can see how our systems can work for you.

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