The 360 Spinr – our amazing 360 photo booth!


Experience the fun of a 360 photo booth.

Jump on a platform and let our video camera spin around you at speed.

Our advanced software will then create a branded 360 video for you in about 20 seconds that you can send to yourself by text or email.

It is a very visual experience that will attract a crowd and ensure your guests are engaged and having fun.

The 360 photo booth is ideal for corporate events, activations, parties, and weddings.

If you are after something a bit different that guests have never experienced before then book us for your event.

Turn on the sound to hear and see how the videos will be experienced by your guests.

Get in touch if you want to hire the 360 photo booth and we can chat through all options and send some full galleries for you to view and provide a mock-up template for your event.


We specialise in corporate events for 360 photobooths


How the 360 booth works

how the 360 booth works

It is quite simple.

  • the guest stands on the platform of the 360 photo booth
  • our attendant presses the start button
  • the recording starts after 2 or 3 seconds
  • guest steps off the platform once the arm stops spinning
  • the computer processes the 360 booth video in about 10 seconds
  • the video file is available for sharing instantly. We have a few methods – text, QR code and facial recognition.

That is it. Simple and powerful!

The guest leaves with a stunning 360 video with amazing effects.

If you are looking to promote your brand you can be sure that content from the 360 photo booth will be shared widely on social media.

Add in Special Effects to Your 360 Booth Video


We have a whole range of effects that can be added to the videos.

Typically a 8 or 9 seconds record time will result in a 30 second video once slo-mo and reverse video are added.

You can decide to have the same effects for each video, or have the effects randomised so that each completed video is different.

Prior to the start of your event we can discuss the effects you want, or simply leave it to us.




We specialise in corporate work and the way we operate our 360 reflects this.

All of our template overlays are created bespoke and with many we create animated overlays in Adobe After Effects to ensure the branding is prominent.

There are a few ways we can add branding;

  • a PNG 
  • an outro
  • an intro
  • video overlay
  • music

If you want us to take one of our existing videos and brand it for you to see what your final finished may look like just get in touch and we’ll do it for you.

Renting a 360 photo booth is a brilliant way of promoting your business. Get in touch for a chat about your event and how this can work for you.


Digital delivery & Data Collection


We make it simple to share the finished videos.

Guests can send their videos via;

  • text message
  • email
  • QR code
  • Facial recognition

This will be done either via laptop, or iPads.

Additionally, if you want data collection, eg email addresses for future marketing we can add a survey that is GDPR compliant to collect this information.

If you want to discuss 360 photo booth rental then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


sharing 360 photo booth videos

Green screen option


Take it to the next level with green screen options.

We place the Spinr inside a green screen enclosure and once the spin is complete we add the virtual background.

This can be either a video, or a static photo.

Green screen is a stunning option and guaranteed to be hit with guests.

Ideal for corporate events when promoting your brand but equally at home at private events.

If you are looking to hire a 360 photo booth this is a great add-on.

Get in touch to see if this system will work for your event.

In terms of space the diameter is 13ft (4 metres) and 9ft tall (2.75 metres).

Space is also needed for a table for the control laptop. 


green screen 360 photo booth
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