Photo Mosaic Wall Hire

photo mosaic wall hire

Photo Mosaic Wall Hire

Photo Mosaic Walls provide a unique experience at events and a work of art to hang on your office wall

Our Photo Mosaic Wall can be a great addition to many events.

The mosaics are created with hundreds of individual tiles made up from photos taken at your event.

Our powerful software will analysise each photo to see where it fits best on the mosaic due to the photos colour.

Tinting of the photos will also take place to ensure the final mosaic matches the underlying graphic being used.

We use Dibond for the mosaic board which is an aluminium composite and will wear well and ensure the panel looks great in your office or other premises.

The completed mosaics will be supplied with a hanging kit so that it can take pride of place in your premises.

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What type of events is it suitable for?

There are many events where the mosaic can work, such as;

  • corporate parties
  • gala dinners
  • in-store events
  • activations
  • experiential events

Speak to us to see how the service could work at your event. There are a surprising number of tiles within a mosaic and you don’t want to be ordering a massive mosaic with no time to complete it!


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Muse Mosaic 08
Muse Mosaic 04
Muse Mosaic 05

Going beyond the photo mosaic

We can, of course, run just a photo mosaic wall at your event, but we think it is best if the wall is integrated with other photo experiences.

These will further engage your guests and if running an activation help promote your brand.

We can take photo input from multiple sources and often at the same time.

The main input choices are;

Roaming Photographer

Our favourite option as our photographers  can take still photos and GIFs and guests can immediately receive them, branded of course


Another popular option as we can feed the photos from the booth direct to the mosaci printer.

Hashtag Harvesting

We can collect photos from your event hashtag in real-time and print them for the mosaic.

Text Message

Unique in the UK, we think, guests can send phone taken photos direct to us and they will be automatically printed!

Extra photos

We can add into the mosaic photos that you or another photographer can supply.

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Let us look at the input options

1. Roaming photographer


This is a great option for a few reasons;

  • as we can roam at your event we can reach lots of people
  • we don’t just take photos for the mosaic! Guests can receive their photos instantly – sent via an iPad the photographer carries
  • photos are fully branded
  • GIFs can be taken as well as still photos
  • postcard or square prints can be provided to the guests

Check out our page dedicated to this service.

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IMG 20190802 195747

2. Photobooth

Always a popular choice, especially how we do them!

We will set up the booth to take 4 photo GIFs and then……

  • the guest receives a digital copy of the GIF
  • the guest receives a print with all photos on (or one large photo)
  • the four individual photos are used in the mosaic wall

Of course we fully brand the templates for the photos, although the branding is dropped for the mosaic tiles. The mosaic itself is branded!

3. Harvesting hashtags

This is more than just collecting photos to be part of the mosaic wall.

It is about getting guests and customers to promote your brand.

Our system will, in real-time, scan Instagram and Twitter to search for your event or activation hashtag.

Photos with your hashtag will be automatically be downloaded and printed as a tile for the mosaic.

This is a great way for guests to promote your brand as the photos taken will be seen by their followers.

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4. Text Message

It’s simple and therefore easy to use for guests.

We provide a dedicated mobile number for guests to text to. Those photos are then automatically printed off and form part of the wall.

What could be simpler?

Think about gala dinners. As guests are eating there isn’t much going on at the event – why not have the number on a large display so that guests can text over dinner?

That same display can show the digital version of the mosaic.

Depositphotos 34744909 xl 2015

5. Extra photos

As well as the photos we take or harvest you can also supply your own photos for the wall.

For instance you could collate all headshots from staff members and send them to us. These could kickstart the mosaic as they would be printed at the start.

Alternatively, you may have another photographer on-site and they could provide us with photos. These may have been taken through the day of a conference for instance.

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We can also do digital mosaics!

As well as creating physical photo mosaic walls we can also provide digital versions as well.

These aren’t static as they will show the photo large as it enters the system and then show it being placed (with a variety of motions).

The digital version can be a great way to attract attention to what we are doing.

If you have a large screen at say a gala dinner the effect can be quite dramatic.

Branding – if using our roaming photographer or booth

Almost all of our work is in the corporate market – activations, parties and PR events.

As such branding is incredibly important as most content will be shared on social media channels and Whatsapp.

We work with clients to provide high quality branding. This applies to;

  • the photo template itself
  • HTML email
  • landing page and gallery

Some client do the design work themselves, others pass across the digital assets and we do the work.


Great looking galleries – if using our roaming photographer or booth

Photos and GIFs are uploaded automatically as soon as they have been taken to a gallery.

As can be seen from the examples the galleries are fully branded and can have links to the client’s website, and/or social pages.

The client will always have access to the galleries but this may be turned off on request (typically where guests don’t know each other).

Design can be by the client, us or as often is the case by collaboration.


Post-event analytics – if using our roaming photographer or booth

If you are spending a considerable sum of money on an event it is always helpful to demonstrate the ROI of it.

Our system can provide you with post event analytics which will measure;

  • estimated social media reach
  • downloads
  • prints

You will also be provided with guest demographics which will show;

  • gender of guests
  • number of people in each photo
  • age groupings

This information is something that was never available in the past and can greatly help in measuring the success of events and the planning of future ones.