Spin-to-Win Virtual Prize Wheel at Trade Shows and Exhibitions UK

Stand Out from the Crowd with an Interactive Prize Wheel

Trade show floors are overwhelming, with hundreds of vendors competing for attention.

Cut through the noise and draw attendees to your booth with an engaging digital prize wheel activation.

spin to win prize wheel for trade shows and exhibitions in the UK

What is a Digital Prize Wheel?

A vertically-mounted touchscreen wheel that trade show guests can spin to win a variety of prizes determined randomly when it stops on a segment.

You dictate what prizes are available and in which quantities. You could have the wheel full of relatively inexpensive prizes or combine with one big prize. The choice is yours.

The odds of winning are adjustable behind the scenes which means that in contrast to a physical wheel, you have control of the number of prizes given away.

A man standing in front of a spin to win prize wheel at a trade show.

Draw Attendees In with Excitement and Surprise

The noisy, crowded environment makes it hard for any single brand to get noticed at many shows.

A large, spinning prize wheel full of surprises is a foolproof way to stand out and attract curious attendees. Located in a prominent position, it acts like a booth beacon reeling in visitors from the surrounding aisles.

Everyone loves winning free stuff, so the wheel leverages this universal appeal into an engaging game that gets them playing and spending time with your brand.

The element of surprise and anticipation makes the experience more memorable.

Showcase Your Brand While Driving Participation

While the wheel grabs attention through prizes and excitement, it also provides touchpoints to surround participants with your brand;

  • Your logos, colors, fonts and graphics integrated across the wheel
  • Branded prizes like apparel, bags, tech accessories, etc. that spread awareness
  • Staff dressed in branded clothing adding to the unified visual identity

The wheel attracts people in, but your branding makes the lasting impression.

Generate Leads and Extend Connections Post-Show

Many shows now require attendees to provide registration info to participate at a booth. The wheel provides the perfect incentive to collect lead data. Use badge scans or info forms to:

  • Capture attendee details for your database during registration
  • Send wheel prizes won at the show as follow-up thank you’s

This data is invaluable for driving conversions through follow-up email, and social outreach. The wheel kickstarts meaningful relationships.