AI Photo Experiences at Events UK

The Power of Smart Photo AI Technology

As we plan and go through different events, people are looking for new and exciting experiences more than ever before.

Technology is creating more opportunities. By combining smart technology with professional photography, we’re finding new ways to capture and remember our events.

For those who organise events in the UK, this is a great chance to offer fun and special experiences that guests will enjoy and want to share on their social media.

This is great for companies with their branding at events. They can use this new tech to make unique branded photos.

When people share these photos online, or on dark social it helps show off the company’s brand and reach more people.

ai photo from an event

Amazing Photo Transformations

Some of the incredible AI photo transformations your guests can experience include:

  • Transform into another character
  • Replacing backgrounds
  • Cartoonify the guest
  • Create avatars
  • many other effects

The visual results from our AI photo activations are stunning and highly shareable on social media.

Ai transformation of a woman into a racing driver

Create an Interactive, Memorable Experience

AI photo experiences check all the boxes for excellent corporate event activations:

Something New and Different – Guests get to try a brand new, cutting-edge technology they’ve likely never seen before. It’s a unique experience beyond typical photo booths and photography.

Get Guests Involved – Instead of just watching, guests play an active role by integrating themselves into creative AI-generated scenes and characters.

Showcase Innovation – By using advanced AI capabilities, your event highlights your innovative brand adopting the latest technologies.

Sharable Content – The digital AI photos give your brand content with viral potential. As amazed guests share across social media, it expands your company’s online reach.

More than amusement for a moment, the AI photo experience sparks fun, interactivity and buzz around your creative brand.

Man at a festival wearing bohemian style clothing with promotional overlays for an AI photo booth service.

What does the guest get?

Just like our other photo services, the AI Photo Experience gives guests an immediate, digital takeaway.

They’ll instantly receive:

  • A copy of their AI-edited photo sent right to their phone 
  • The option to get a printed version of the photo (if this option is selected)

Each photo automatically includes custom branding for the event or company.

We can also display a slideshow featuring all the fun AI photo creations at the event.

The AI photos provide guests with unique, shareable content.

When posted on social media, the branded images help promote and increase awareness of the event or company.

It’s content that naturally gets shared.



A person's hand holding a smartphone displaying an app with a photo of a man in a racing suit, encouraging users to "be your alter ego" at AI photo experiences at events UK.
Promotional material for a photography service featuring a composite image of a man with his alter ego as a soccer player, captured using an AI photo booth at events.
A promotional poster for an AI photo experience in the UK, featuring a person dressed as a wizard with a wand and a book, alongside a headshot of a woman.
A promotional poster for an AI photo booth service at UK events featuring a stylized artwork of a woman in a superhero costume with the slogan "Be your alter ego.

The workflow

Our system is designed to be fast. There is nothing worse than guests having to wait 20 minutes for their photo.

  • The guest chooses the style they want –  (or you can restrict this to one style)
  • Photographer takes a photo – processing starts immediately
  • The AI photo is sent to the guest – this is via text (or other methods)
  • Photo is printed – if this option is chosen

Our AI system processes photos in the cloud so we need an internet connection. 

Photographer taking an AI photo

Keeping it real (ish)

While some AI photo filters drastically alter appearances, our approach keeps the transformations fun yet realistic.

We aim to maintain the integrity of each guest’s face, keeping natural hairstyles, facial features, and expressions intact. This way, guests can clearly see themselves in the AI-edited photos.

Our AI technology creates stunning visual effects, but not at the expense of losing the person’s true likeness and identity behind the photo.

Guests can enjoy unique AI makeovers that are still recognisably them.

It’s the best of both worlds – creative transformations with an authentic personal touch.

Man in vintage attire posing for a themed portrait with an AI photo booth service logo and tagline.

Face Swap AI

Imagine taking a picture where you can swap your face with another person’s or character’s face while keeping everything else in the photo the same.

That’s what our Face Swap AI does.

It changes just the face in a photo, making it look like you or someone else is in a different body or scene, but everything else stays exactly as it was.

As the base image we can use stock photos, or generate them using AI.

Promotional poster for an AI photo booth service featuring a man dressed as a fantasy character alongside a headshot of himself, encouraging people to embody their alter ego.

Full AI

Now, think about creating a completely new picture from scratch.

With Full Generative AI, you’re not just changing a face but can transform the entire image, including the person, the background, and even the setting.

It’s like creating a brand-new scene or story, where everything in the photo can be changed to look however you want.

With this system you will get a different result each time even if using the same original photo.

Promotional material for a portrait photography service offering alter ego themed photoshoots, now featuring AI Photo Experiences at UK events.

Dipping Your Toes into the Water

If you are curious about AI photography but not ready to dive in fully, we offer a mix of traditional and AI-powered photography.

Get classic, professional photos, or add a twist with our AI options, like face swaps or fully generated scenes.

This way, you can enjoy the reliability of traditional photos while exploring AI’s creative possibilities, ensuring your event’s memories are captured just the way you want.

Man posing thoughtfully with a cardboard cutout of a figure in a patterned suit, framed by a colorful, playful background - promotional material for AI Photo Experiences at Events UK.


Branding can be achieved in one of two ways;

  • we design it
  • you design it

Quite simple really.

If you want us to create the branding we ask you to let us have logos, any event graphics and any wording you require.

If you want to create the branding we'll provide the specification. We will need the overlay in PNG format with transparency.

We can of course also print these photos instantly with our instant printing service for events.

Promotional material for a photography service featuring a composite image of a man with his alter ego as a soccer player, captured using an AI photo booth at events.

Let’s discuss your ideas

The possibilities are endless when you leverage the power of AI photo technology at your next event. Our experienced team stays on top of the latest innovations to deliver truly unique, branded experiences for clients.

We’ll work with you one-on-one to understand your specific goals, audience, and brand. Then we’ll transform those details into an interactive AI photo activation tailored just for you.

Ready to wow your guests and make your next corporate event truly cutting-edge? Reach out today to start planning an AI photo experience that exceeds your expectations. We can’t wait to bring your creative ideas to life!

Let’s connect to start planning a photo experience that your guests will love!

What is AI Photography?

AI Photography uses artificial intelligence technology to creatively transform portraits of guests.

Our service takes a guest’s photo and runs it through AI models to generate imaginative new visuals.

Is this a photobooth?


We use a professional photographer to take photos.

That said, we do have a photobooth option.

Do we need a backdrop?

We can use one but it isn’t needed.

This service can be operated as a roaming or walkabout service.

A backdrop would mainly be used to signify we are operating a photography experience.

How do guests receive their photos?

Guests instantly get a digital copy of their AI-transformed photo sent to their mobile device via text, email, airdrop or QR code.

Printed versions are also available.

Can the photos be branded?

Branding is added automatically to the photos.

This branding is created bespoke to each event.

How long does it take to process the photos with AI?

Most AI transformations are completed within 20-30 seconds after uploading the photo to our cloud servers.

Can the same photo produce different AI results?

With the Full Generative AI option, yes!

Each time resubmitting the same original photo, the AI will create a brand new, unique transformation.

With the Face Swap AI the character remains constant and we simply change the face. Some brands may prefer this method as it keeps consistency.