Roaming Photography with Social Media Sharing

roaming photography with social media sharing

Roaming Photography with Social Media Sharing

In common with many photographers Ignite Images offer a roaming, or roving photography service.

This is often at corporate events but it could just as easily be at at a party or ball.

The main question we get when carrying out roaming photography is;

"Where can we get the photos?"- unfortunately, the answer is often that they cannot, or if they can it is days later. Often companies simply don't have the web infrastructure to share the photos taken.

This is where Social Roaming Photography comes into play.

Social Roaming Photography

This is very simple in concept but requires the latest technology to execute the service. It follows the following process;

1. Photographer takes photo of guests

2. Photo is transferred wirelessly to the iPad

3. Guest views photos on the iPad running specialist software

4. Guest selects which photos to share

5. Guest can share images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message or email them to themselves

6. Guest is automatically logged out of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

We use state of the art professional dSLR cameras for this service with a flashgun. We have seen companies simply using iPads themselves to offer a similar service - this is not ideal, especially in low light conditions.

Branded Overlay

Whether you are running an experiential event, trade show, or corporate event it is important to link this to your brand.

For this reason we offer the option to add an overlay to the photo. This could be as simple as a logo, or a more complex design with a brand message on.

Data Capture

An optional extra is to add a Data Capture Service.

This service will capture name, email and date of birth.

This is a great idea if you don't know the customers or guests in advance as it allows you to market to them post event by email.

Branded Bespoke Microsite

With the email and text message options the guest will receive a link to a landing page, or microsite where they can retrieve their photos.

The microsite will allow people to download their photo, or use the sharing buttons to share to social media.

That's not all though, you may add banners, maps, offers and competitions to the site. Don't go overboard though - simplicity is good for a microsite.

We can add Google Analytics to the site so you can see the number of visitors to the site.

Combine with 'Normal' Roaming Photography

Our Social Roaming Photography service doesn't need to be employed in isolation.

By its very nature our photographers will take fewer images than if carrying out a 'normal' roaming photography service, simply due to the time it takes people to login to Facebook/Twitter.

We are more than happy to combine the two roaming photography methods to maximise the use of the photographer on-site. This will allow you to secure images you require from a corporate point of view, eg. general scene setting, speakers, branding etc.

Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will adapt accordingly.

roaming photography - with social media sharing

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