Reimagine the Event Experience with Instant Photo Printing from Guest’s Phones!

Revolutionize your corporate events with our unique, innovative service; instant photo printing from guest’s phones.

This state-of-the-art solution provides your guests with tangible memories from your event, while also pushing your brand visibility to new levels.

We specialise in corporate events & branding

A simple 3-step process

1. Guests take photos with their phones


You can be guaranteed that guests will have taken photos with their phones at your event.

All you need to do is facilitate their printing.


Two people taking a selfie in the park.

2. Guest Scans a QR code & Uploads a Photo


Scanning the QR code takes the guest to a dedicated page of ours.

This page will have bespoke branding appropriate for your event.

From there the guest will upload a photo to our system.

A hand is holding a phone with a qr code on it.

3. We Print the Photo Out


We then instantly print out the photo for the guest (multiple copies if they want).

A print takes approximately 10 seconds to print.

Capturing Authentic Moments at Events


With our bespoke service, guests can take a photo using their phone, upload it by scanning a QR code, and hey presto, they get a superb quality print-out in just 10 seconds!

These prints aren’t only fond memories your guests can take home; they also serve as a walk-in advertisement, thanks to a branded overlay we add to each photo.

No generic event photos here; we offer an authentic, user-generated representation of your event with unique vantage points and candid moments.

To make it even more engaging, these photos can be assembled into a lively, dynamic slideshow to keep guests entertained and even drive more photo participation!

The bottom line? Your guests are happy with instant, tangible memories, and your client or company enjoys increased brand visibility, enriched with data insights about who attended your event.

example of a photo printed out from a guest phone
example of photo printed from a person's phone. The photo is of A group of people posing for a photo.

How this can be used

There are many ways this can be used. Some ideas include;

  • graduation days
  • festivals
  • trade shows
  • parties
  • any ‘Insta’ moment type event

Speak to us about your event and we will let you know if we think this will work for your event, or if there is a better solution.

branded instant photography at events


Branding can be achieved in one of two ways;

  • we design it
  • you design it

Quite simple really.

If you want us to create the branding we ask you to let us have logos, any event graphics and any wording you require.

If you want to create the branding we'll provide the specification. We will need the overlay in PNG format with transparency.

We can of course also print these photos instantly with our instant printing service for events.

Promotional material for a photography service featuring a composite image of a man with his alter ego as a soccer player, captured using an AI photo booth at events.

Data Collection

Data collection during a corporate activation is a smart move for businesses looking to expand their customer base and improve their marketing efforts.

By collecting email addresses, companies can build a valuable database of potential customers to target with future campaigns.

We have the option with our system to collect names, email addresses and other data.

This needs to be done in a GDPR friendly way and we can offer guidance on this.

Just remember to limit the information you require. Guests don’t want to complete 10 fields just to get their photo!


data collection at an activation

Post-event Analytics

Our instant photography system is designed to provide valuable data on various aspects such as;

  • estimated social media reach
  • number of photography sessions
  • age demographics of the event
  • sex demographics of the event
  • number of downloads

Our system is a valuable tool for corporate clients looking to better understand their target market.

With access to real-time data on consumer behavior, demographics, and social media reach, corporate clients can make informed decisions about future marketing strategies, leading to higher engagement and sales.

Xnapper 2023 04 25 10.03.09
brand activation with instant prints and digital delivery
Xnapper 2023 04 25 10.02.41


We are at the forefront of shaping the event experiences.

We encourage corporate event managers and activation agencies to embrace this novel concept, enticing guests with instant gratification while leveraging our services for brand promotion.

Just think of us as the creative confidantes behind your unforgettable events, creating branded content that’s instantly shareable, and leaving a lasting impression on all.

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