Free attendance at your charity ball

  The addition of a professional photographer at a charity ball can be highly popular with guests.

Key reasons that I hear from guests themselves about why they like a photographer in attendance are;

  • I've made the effort to get dressed up and want to record the memory
  • The last time I had a professional photo taken with my husband was when we get married
  • My boyfriend/partner/husband is always such a scruff I want to get a photograph taken when he is dressed smart
  • I've not got a good photo with my new boyfriend
  • It's fun

How do we take photographs at a charity ball?

Basically we set up a photo studio within the venue.  This is very similar to what you will find in High Street studio and  includes a large backdrop together with 3 studio lights.

How will guests get their photographs?

On the night.  Images are transferred wirelessly from the camera to a large viewing screen close to the studio.  If the guests like the photographs they can purchase them and they are printed out within seconds.  We use expensive state of the art printers which produce lab quality prints.

We will take two printers to the charity ball and guests will have the choice between two sizes of prints - 9" x 6" and 12" x 8".  They are supplied in strut mounts.

Additionally, the following day we will establish an online gallery on our website where prints can be purchased.

How does the charity benefit?

  • we will donate part of our gross takings to the the charity
  • we will provide free publicity photography.  This would typically include shots of the auction, speakers, room setup and reportage photography.  This can save having to book a separate photographer for the evening.
  • We will use social media to raise the profile of your charity.  We will upload photographs to Facebook with your logo on.  Imagine if 60 people shared their images with 100 Facebook friends then the reach for your charity is 6,000 people.
  • consider the studio as part of the overall entertainment such as the band or DJ.  It adds to the overall experience for the guests.

What size of event can you cover?

The most common size of social event that we cover is approximately 500 guests but we can cover larger, and smaller events.  Typically we would expect there to be in excess of 100 guests at the event.

Does it cost? Is it hassle free for the organiser?

We attend free of charge.  It is very hassle free for the organiser, all we ask is for a space to be allocated to us or we can't set up!

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