The GIF Photobooth with Boomerangs



Are you looking for something different at your event?

  • Something that will engage your guests?
  • Something that will get engagement on social media?
  • Have your guests promote your brand or product?

Welcome to our Boomerang style GIF photobooth

The GIF photo booth is pure unadulterated fun and completely daft!

Guests of all ages and demographics love the GIFs and Boomerangs. We have used it at everything from a trampoline park opening to a very prestigious international awards show in Mayfair.

We will work with you to create branded GIF templates and a branded Live Gallery to ensure great visual appeal which leads to greater online engagement.

An animated GIF is between 4 photos stitched together and looped.

In a Boomerang Style GIF 12 photos are taken in 1 second and then stitched together. The animation loops back and forwards, hence the term boomerang.

Our GIF photobooth can take both types of GIF at the same event, and we can be old-fashioned too and take still photos which can be printed.

With the animated GIFs you can have the best of both world. A digital GIF and the four-component photos of the GIF printed in typical photo booth style.

We now have a virtual photobooth running along the same lines that we have introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic which can take;

  • Still photos
  • GIFs
  • Boomerangs

Check out the link above to see details.



Great for brand promotion

The Boomerang/GIF Photobooth works on two levels;

  • guests love the fun
  • guests promote the client’s brand

There aren’t many services at events that tick the above two boxes and this is one of the few that does.

The Boomerang GIF photobooth provides a fun and interesting activity for guests during an event.

For the business or brand the social promotion is the important aspect.

As unique content is being provided to guests they will be happy to share to the socials.

Guests love posting content that is ‘different’ and you can be guaranteed that they will gain true engagement as a guest’s Timeline will be disrupted.


We have a stationary GIF booth with backdrop


The GIF photobooth we offer can be used in two ways;

  • a fixed install with a backdrop
  • roaming the venue

As soon as the guest has had their GIF or Boomerang taken they can view it an send it to themselves by text or email and then of course post to the socials.

If you have chosen the print option it takes less than ten seconds to produce a postcard sized print.

We have a selection of backdrops from which to choose, including a green screen so that you can add a digital background of your choice.

Should you want a bespoke backdrop then we can source these and there is a two week lead-in time for this.

The Boomerang style GIF Photobooth for Vitality was taken at a trade show for mortgage advisers. It’s fair to say it attracted significant attention!

IMG 8303 smaller

We can roam at your event and PRINT! – a Roaming GIF booth

As well as running our GIF photo booth as a static install we offer it as a roaming system.

It will depend upon your event which route is best for you but we love the roaming GIF photobooth!

There are two main reasons to use the roaming option;

  • connecting with guests that otherwise may not use  a traditional ‘booth’ style set-up
  • some events are perfect for this – such as a trampoline park opening!

We always use trained photographers whilst roaming to ensure the lighting and framing of guests looks great.

There are many events where our roaming option can work; think along the lines of;

  • festivals
  • drinks receptions
  • product launches
  • activations
  • experiential events

As soon as the photographer has taken the photos for the GIF the guest can view it and send it to themselves by text or email. We can print as well!

Speak to us to see how we can work with you at your event and check out this blog post for further information.


IMG 20190802 200757 1

We have a portable Boomerang style GIF photobooth


Our Roaming Boomerang and Gif Photobooth System has been designed and manufactured in-house and consequently is unique in the marketplace.

On our first event (a product launch) with the system our photographer was being pulled from pillar to post by guests wanting to have boomerang style gifs taken of them.

It is massively popular with guests and will be a grreat addition to your event. It has been used at The Brits, Mercury Music Prize and The Oliviers to name a few.

We can combine the ‘boomerang’ system with our ‘normal’ roaming GIF booth system if you want a mix of styles.

Now with VIDEO FX!

We now have the ability to offer short videos with creative effects added.

There are 30 basic effects that are available and these can be stacked together to create other effects.

We combine different sections of the recording and apply different effects to each.

On top of this we can;

  • make each section slo-mo (up to a quarter speed)
  • speed up each section (up to 2 times)
  • reverse each section

The possibilities are immense, and we can work with you to create the perfect video FX for your event. Typically we will have two or three options created for each event.

Contact us to discuss your event and how we can work together.


Use with green screen video


We can use the system with a green screen so can add the backdrop of your choice into the scene digitally.

The digital backdrop can be either a single image or as in the case shown here a short video clip.

This opens up some great possibilities for creativity to engage your guests and their social networks even more.

In the case of the example shown for Palladium and Christopher Raeburn we have also added an animated squid into the mix.

or use animated templates with the GIF booth


Animation isn’t limited to the people who have their photo taken.

As you can see from the halloween template we can animate the templates also.

Get in touch if you have some creative ideas in mind. We may have some stock templates but we can have them created especially for your event.

Tik Tok & Insta Stories Ready

It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in the fast-moving world of social media.

If your guests are avid users of Tik Tok or Insta Stories and you aren’t offering that service then they aren’t as likely to sharing content.

Thankfully, our Boomerang GIF Booth can produce output compatible with both Tik Tok and Insta Stories.

The GIF Booth is great for parties

The animated GIF  & Boomerang photobooth is great for parties.

When we first launched our system we had a pre-conceived thought that it would appeal mainly to a young party loving crowd.

How wrong we were!

Whilst it does appeal to that crowd we have found that it appeals to all ages from teens to pensioners and everyone in-between.

Part of its appeal is that it brings out the inner child in all of us.

The final imagery is simply fun and engaging and gets shared on social media a lot. 

We find that the more people use the system the more creative guests get and very often use it on multiple occasions or have multiple re-takes to ensure their GIF or Boomerang is just right.

Our gif photobooth is equally at home at corporate parties, private parties and weddings. Any type of party really!

Book us and we can assure you your guests will have fun (and you are providing different entertainment which won’t be forgotten).

Simple to share

Everything about our system is geared around simple sharing, including to social media.

As soon as a Boomerang/GIF has been taken the guest can share via;

  • text
  • email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In our experience most people share via text or email (largely due to forgetting login details!).

If text or email is chosen the guest will receive a link to retrieve their images. From there the guest can simply share to their social media networks (there is an attachment option with email as opposed to a link).

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 15.34.42 1

Analytics and data capture for the GIF Booth


To assist with your ROI calculations from the booth we are able to track;

  • photos or GIFs taken
  • shares of the GIFs
  • number of GIF views
  • where images have been shared to

From this data you will be able to estimate the social media reach of your event.

Emails, phone numbers and twitter handles can be downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet and we provide the functionality to send you or your clients a secure link with full access to all the event analytics.

Data capture

We have a custom data capture form creator allowing you to customise what information you capture from your guests.

This includes; number fields, text fields, drop downs, multiple select and more.

We are of course GDPR compliant.

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 15.14.34

Demographic analysis


Our system is often used by companies to promote their brands.

As such they will have an age and sex profile they are aiming to target.

The analytics we provide can provide a breakdown of the age and sex of people using the system. Don’t worry it’s all anonymous!

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 15.17.13

Next steps……

If you think one of our GIF photo booths may work for your event then give us a call or send us a message.

We will guide you through the options so you can see how our GIF booths can work for you.

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