Social media is an ingrained part of our everyday lives. It is the largest, free platform that you have at your disposal to engage with your audience and influence public opinion about your brand.

The average user spends 2 hours a day on social media (teenagers spend up to 9 hours a day on social platforms). That is a lot of time that your brand could be in front of people.  

Every time you tweet, like or publish a piece of content, you are interacting with your customers and potential customers. Bearing in mind that Facebook has, on average, 2 billion monthly users, that is one big pool of potential customers for you to snare.

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How engaging content promotes your brand

Posting to your social media accounts does not guarantee engagement. With all the noise that you are competing against, on a daily basis, you really have to up the ante, in order to be heard.

For companies and brands Facebook has evolved into a paid marketing platform these days as the reach of a post from a business page has declined and declined over the years.

Indeed it is possible that the organic reach of a Post from a business page on Facebook may only reach a fraction of a percent of the people who have ‘Liked’ your Page.

Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a post from a business page in your News Feed on Facebook that wasn’t a paid for advertisement.

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Leverage the visual when you promote your brand

Posts with images get more engagement than those without. That is a fact. Instagram and snapchat were created on the back of this knowledge. On Facebook these posts get 53% more engagement, you do the maths.


Garner brand advocates

If you are running brand activations or experiential events you should look to those attending to be your advocates in spreading the message beyond the event itself.

Let them post on their Facebook Timelines and create engagement.

You want to do whatever it takes to smash through the dross that is routinely posted on social platforms, and disrupt users’ timelines.


Harness content engagement to promote your brand

With social media now integral to a brand’s identity, simply putting content in front of an audience will no longer cut the mustard.

You could have more social media followers than Harry Styles, but if your content isn’t being seen due to Facebook algorithms, you may as well not bother.

With google reporting that nearly 60% of people talk more online than they do in real life, you should be utilising that engagement to promote your brand.


By creating killer content that people want to share.

We are event photographers, specialising in printing photos on-site. We also allow guests to posts those photos to their social media accounts. No, we don’t simply allow it, we actively encourage them to do it!


Disrupt the Timeline!

Because our audience reach is limited by the number of people who like our account. And with the social platforms’ ever-changing algorithms making it increasingly more difficult for us to saturate and reach out to our audience, we rely on others doing it for us. And when guests share our photos on social platforms, well, our reach becomes limitless.

And yours can be too. Let us create your awesome content for you.

No matter what event you are putting together, our photos are guaranteed to not only wow, but they create instant engagement there and then. If you have a device, the photos are yours to use immediately, not many photographers can say that.

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We have two main options for sharing of content to social media.

Tablet sharing

This is our most popular method for social media promotion. It works like this;

  • photo taken
  • image transferred to computer by cable or wi-fi
  • tablets ‘see’ the images on the computer and are available for guests to view
  • guest selects photo and can share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email themselves or have the image sent by text message

Individual branded galleries

Our latest service and unique to us in the UK. It works like this;

  • photo taken
  • guest given ‘photo access card’ with a unique ID
  • guest visits a branded gallery or microsite
  • enters unique ID and views their photos and their photos only
  • the microsite can be fully branded and have clickable banners


Speak to us to discover how your event can reach thousands of people and justify your ROI



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