Boomerang and GIF booths

boomerang gif booth

Boomerang and GIF booths

Boomerang style GIFs

Are you looking for something different at your event?

Something that will engage your guests?

Something that will get engagement on social media?

Have your guests promote your brand or product?

Welcome to our Boomerang style GIF service

It is pure unadulterated fun and completely daft!

Guests of all ages and demographics love the system and we have used it at everything from a trampoline park opening to a very prestigious awards show in Mayfair.



It’s all about brand promotion

The Boomerang/GIF system works on two levels;

  • guests love the fun
  • the guests promote the client’s brand

There aren’t many services at events that tick the above two boxes and this is one of the few that does.

The Boomerang service provides a fun and interesting activity for guests during an event. What is more important long term is the brand promotion.

As unique content is being provided to guests they will be happy to share to the socials.

Guests love posting content that is ‘different’ and you can be guaranteed that they will gain true enagagement as a guest’s Timeline will be disrupted.


Use with a backdrop


The service we offer can be used roaming or as a fixed install.

If used as a fixed install we can use a backdrop and should you wish have the backdrop branded.

The Boomerang style GIF alongside was taken at a trade show for mortgage advisers. It’s fair to say it attracted significant attention!

Or go roaming

As well as running our system as a static install we offer it as a roaming operation.

It will depend upon your event which route is best for you but we love the roaming option!

There are two main reasons to use the roaming option;

  • connecting with guests that otherwise may not use  a traditional ‘booth’ style set-up
  • some events are perfect for this – such as a trampoline park opening!

We always use trained photographers whilst roaming to ensure the lighting and framing of guests looks great.

There are many events where our roaming option can work – think along the lines of;

  • festivals
  • drinks receptions
  • product launches
  • activations
  • experiential events

Speak to us to see how we can work with you at your event.


Simple to share

Everything about our system is geared around simple sharing.

As soon as a Boomerang/GIF has been taken the guest can share via;

  • text
  • email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In our experience most people share via text or email (largely due to forgetting login details!).

If text or email is chosen the guest will receive a link to retrieve their images. From there the guest can simply share to their social networks (there is an attachment option with email as opposed to a link).

Analytics and data capture


To assist with your ROI calculations we are able to track;

  • photos taken
  • shares
  • number of views
  • where images have been shared to

From this data you will be able to estimate the social media reach of your event.

Emails, phone numbers and twitter handles can be downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet and we provide the functionality to send you or your clients a secure link with full access to all the event analytics.

Data capture

We have a custom data capture form creator allowing you to customise what information you capture from your guests.

This includes; number fields, text fields, drop downs, multiple select and more.

We are of course GDPR compliant.