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It seems a little strange to be writing about Christmas on a beautiful day in July, then again we received our first Christmas communication in February, so perhaps we are a little late to the party!

If you are planning your office, or corporate party then professional photography can be a great addition to the other entertainment that you have planned.

This post highlights some ideas and options we are able to offer.


1 – Boomerang Photobooth

This is one of our most popular and fun services at the moment.

The Boomerang system works on a few levels;

  • guests love the fun
  • the boomerangs are shared immediately to the guest
  • the guests promote the client’s brand

There aren’t many services at events that tick the above boxes and this is one of the few that does.

The Boomerang service provides a fun and interesting activity for guests during an event. What is more important long term is the brand promotion.

As unique content is being provided to guests they will be happy to share to the socials.

Guests love posting content that is ‘different’ and you can be guaranteed that they will gain true enagagement as a guest’s Timeline will be disrupted.


toast gif

2. The Roaming Photobooth

This is roaming photography taken to the next level.

Have you ever been at an event, had your photo taken by the professional photographer but then never seen it?

Most people have, including us, so we developed our roaming photobooth experience.

It operates like this;

  • photographer takes photos
  • shows the guest the images
  • guest can email or text the images to themselves immediately
  • guest can have their photos printed out

As well as taking still photos we can also take multi-shot GIFs. We take four photos and then automatically stitch them together into a GIF. If you want printing the first photo will be printed.


scarlett gif
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3. Or go roaming with Boomerangs

As well as running our GIF system as a static install we offer it as a roaming operation.

It will depend upon your event which route is best for you but we love the roaming option!

There are two main reasons to use the roaming option;

  • connecting with guests that otherwise may not use  a traditional ‘booth’ style set-up
  • some events are perfect for this

We always use trained photographers whilst roaming to ensure the lighting and framing of guests looks great.

Speak to us to see how we can work with you at your event.


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4. Green screen photography with photo printing on-site

This is a cheesy option and can be a great fun addition to any party, especially at Christmas.

If you are not familiar with green screen photography it is the process of photographing people against a green screen, then using specialist software to remove the green background and replace it with a digital backdrop of your choice.

It is very popular at theme parks and tourist attractions and that is where many people have came across this form of photography.

We can work with you to select the digital backdrop which can, within reason, be anything you like. Perhaps a Winter Wonderland scene, or cheesy Christmas mantelpiece and tree.

Christmas Green Screen

5. Pop-up photo studio with on-site photo printing

If green screen photography isn’t your cup of tea and you’d like something a little more formal then look towards our ‘pop-up’ studio.

This is a full professional studio set up in your venue. We use a 4 metre wide black velvet backdrop for a contemporary look to the images we produce. Combined with professional lighting your photos will look great.

The backdrop is great for both small groups of people and large group photos. Regularly we take group shots with in excess of 20 people in the shot.

Whilst the black backdrop may be more formal than the green screen it doesn’t mean fun is lost. Our photographers are great at capturing great, natural shots of people having fun – ideal for your Christmas party.

corporate party photography

6. Roaming photography with instant printing stations PLUS digital delivery

This builds upon our experience of on-site photo printing and immediate digital delivery of images.

It has similar benefits to our other services but operated in a different way.

It works like this;

  • roaming photographer takes photos of people at your event
  • the photos are transferred to a central computer (either by wifi or loaded ad-hoc. It depends upon the venue)
  • guests view the photos on iPads
  • guests can email their photos to themselves
  • guests can print out their photos

This service has similar benefits as the Roaming Photobooth and we can advise which would work better for your event.

5DDD8523 2

7. Selfie Printing

Everyone will be taking selfies and phone photos at your Christmas party.

Give your guests a simple way to print these out.

It works like this;

  • The guest connects to our dedicated wifi network
  • Go to a webpage
  • Upload their photos

And then they are printed off. Simple!

Plus a branded overlay can be added.



8. Hire a giant snow globe

Get up to six guests in a snowdome kicking snow around.

Why not?

It’s great fun.

Combine this with instant photo printing and immediate digital delivery and your guests will love the experience.

(please note we don’t supply the snow globe)

IMG 9041

9. Rent Santa Claus

Santa Claus isn’t just for kids!

Some of our most fun adult events have had Santa present.

Again, like other events combine this with our on-site printing and immediate digital delivery service.


10. Create a winter themed set

If you have the budget then get a set built to create an immersive photo experience.

Great fun and truly engaging for guests.

santa sleigh

11. Something exciting and unique is coming shortly – ask for details!!

Next steps……

If you think one of our systems may work for your event then give us a call or send us a message.

We will guide you through the options so you can see how our systems can work for you.

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