Taking Photobooth Features to the Guests

We are all used to photobooths and they can be fun and engaging.

This service takes booth features to your guests so adding an extra dimension to your event.

So, if you are;

  • looking for something different at your event
  • looking for something that will engage your guests
  • looking something that will get engagement on social media
  • wanting your guests promote your brand or product?

Welcome to our Roaming GIF and Photobooth Service

We Have two main services which do overlap but use different equipment;

  1. An Animated GIF is between 4 and 6 individual photos stitched together and looped – we use a dSLR for this and can print
  2. A Boomerang Style GIF is typically 12 photos are taken in quick succession and then animated. The animation loops back and forwards, hence the term boomerang. We use tablets for this with specialist software and cannot print.

Of course ‘normal’ still images can be taken as well as GIFs!



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How many times have you been at an event, had your photo taken by the pro photographer and never seen it?


This service gets around those issues by providing immediate digital delivery and instant photo printing (with the GIF or Stills service)

The Roaming GIF Booth with Instant Photo Printing (and it can take stills!)

We’ve all been to events where there has been an enclosed photobooth. Funny wigs, large specs can be fun but for many they are a bit passé these days and not everyone is interested.

This is where the roaming GIF system comes in. We go to the guests!

We use a dSLR system and take photos and GIFs (4 photos stitched together) and then show them to the guests who can then immediately text or email themselves with the images.

Far better than receiving the photos in a gallery a week later (if they are ever received at all).

The system allows for instant photo printing. If GIFs are taken then the first photo is printed out. There will be a central print zone – photo printers are heavy – about 20kgs!


Roaming Boomerang Style GIFs

To compliment our Roaming GIF Service we also have a Roaming Boomerang Service  which is great fun.

Our equipment has been conceived and built in-house by our very own product designer. As such the service is unique in the marketplace.

It is ideal for;

  • parties
  • festivals
  • drinks receptions
  • product launches
  • activations
  • experiential events

Speak to us to see how we can work with you at your event.


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Simple to share

Everything about our system is geared around simple sharing.

As soon as a Boomerang/GIF has been taken the guest can share via;

  • text
  • email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In our experience most people share via text or email (largely due to forgetting login details!).

If text or email is chosen the guest will receive a link to retrieve their images. From there the guest can simply share to their social networks (there is an attachment option with email as opposed to a link).

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Next steps……

If you think one of our systems may work for your event then give us a call or send us a message.

We will guide you through the options so you can see how our systems can work for you.

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