Photographs at a PR or publicity event can be a great way to give something tangible to guests or customers to remember the event and also to help in gaining exposure for the event itself.

We are used to providing photography services in very hectic environments often having to produce hundreds of prints in a short timescale to provide to guests or customers.

Options for your event include;


We can photograph your guests against a bespoke background, with a celebrity, or indeed against a bespoke background with a celebrity.

We will will then wirelessly transfer the images from camera to computer.  These will then be printed out immediately and passed to guests.

The capacity per hour will be dependent upon how many photographers we have in situ and basically how quickly we can photograph people.  If a celebrity is involved the number of people we can photograph is less than if it is against a 'normal' backdrop.

You are looking at about 100 - 200 prints an  hour that we could produce at the top end of capacity.  Obviously, we could increase this by increasing the number of photographers and printing assistants.

Popular sizes of prints are;

4" x 6"

5" x 7"

6" x 9"  although we can go up to 12" x 8" if required

Social Buzz

It's often said that your customers are your best marketers.

With the advent of social media it's easier than ever to use your customers to promote your brand.

We can set up banks of iPads on stands so that customers can share the photographs taken.  The options to share are;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • E-mail
We can make these options bespoke to your event.  A couple of ideas include;

  • A branded overlay on the photo
  • Details of a service or special offer can be added to the e-mail

You can pick and choose which social media options you offer your guests.

Anyone who has ran a Facebook Page will know that the 'reach' can easily be many 1000s if people decide to share photographs.  Twitter can obviously reach millions and if you include a bespoke #message this can target potential customers in a more focused way.

Green Screen Photography

Using a Green Screen allows us to replace the background with another image.

This allows the subject, your customer, to be superimposed onto a digital backdrop.  The only limitation is your imagination!

We can create a mock magazine cover, or  superimpose the subject into your company's latest advert.  Providing we can create the artwork we can use green screen to produce unique photos that will help promote your brand.

Combine prints and social buzz

Prints and providing a social sharing service are not mutually exclusive.

Should you wish to combine a physical and long lasting print with our social media service you can do this quite simply.

By their very nature all events of this nature are bespoke and we are more than happy to tailor our photography services so that they meet the needs of your event and underlying brand.

We will work with you so that exposure to your brand is maximised.