If you are running an event this can be enhanced by the use of Photo Marketing for;

  • Promotion of your brand or event via Social Media
  • Collection of consumer data
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Brand reinforcement

Socialbakers.com looked at the top 10% of posts made by more than 30,000 Facebook brand pages and found that photos saw the most action—with a whopping 87% of total interactions.

No other content type claimed more than 4% of the overall post pie.

However, Socialbakers.com was quick to note that not all pictures posted on Facebook are created equal. In order to see high response rates, brands must share quality photos.

So, the use of photos, and Photo marketing can be of a benefit to many events, including;

  • Retail locations including shopping malls
  • Festivals
  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Experiential marketing activities
  • Bars and pubs

How we use Social Media and Photos together

The use of state of the art cameras and technology make this quite simple.

We take photos of your guests with a dSLR camera which are transferred immediately, and automatically to an iPad. The guest, or customer can then share these to Facebook, Twitter, or email them to themselves.

Our app on the iPad will automatically add a branded overlay to the image which can assist in brand reinforcement.

Our photographers are not fixed to one location but have the freedom to roam around your event to capture all guests wherever they may be.

Taking Control of the Photography

Relying on guests to take photos is a bit of a non-strategy.

We have all seen really bad photos posted online. Is this how you would like to promote your brand?

Frankly, whilst phones can take good images, they struggle terribly in low light conditions where many events are held.

To capture quality photos it is best to use a high quality professional camera - alongside someone who not only knows how to use it but is also creative.

After all the time and money spent in preparing for your event it makes sense to trust to a professional photographer rather than your guests at your event.

Return on Investment

The return on investment is about engaging with people who didn't attend your event.

Let's look at the maths;

Scenario: 200 people

200 people come to the event

30% get their photo taken

80% of those share at least one photo on a social network (remember they are given the iPad into their hands as soon as the photo has been taken)

200 x 0.30 x 0.80 = 48

48 people who shared a photo with your custom branding watermark overlay and website URL in the caption

Now if the average Facebook user has 190 friends…

And 20% of their friends look at the photo

48 x 190 x 0.20 =1,824

You’ve marketed your company to 1,824 people outside of the event through a personal connection

Plus of course you have professional photos to use for your own marketing purposes!

Free Consultation

All events are different - even if they appear similar at first glance.

We are more than happy to discuss your event in detail to see how Photo Marketing can work best for your brand or event.

It may be that you would like Green Screen photography, or on-site photo printing at your event. Tap into our knowledge of what will work, and what won't!

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