Live updating slideshow with roaming photography

auto updating slideshow

Live updating slideshow with roaming photography

Live updating slideshow

This service is one of new additions to our portfolio of photo experiences and great fun for the right crowd in the right environment – I’ll leave it for you to judge what that may be.

So, what is the service?

It’s simple really;

  • one of our photographers roams around the venue and takes photos of guests
  • photos are transmitted to a laptop running our specialist slideshow software
  • the slideshow automatically updates as new images are received
  • ‘adverts’ or slides can been shown at certain intervals as well as the photos
  • newest images can have priority

Ideally there should be availability of good wifi at the venue. This may be either the venue wifi, or 4G hotspots should work well.

If wifi isn’t available the fallback option is to manually load photos every so often to the system.

We do not provide the AV equipment. That should be provided by the venue, or client.


Guests send images to themselves

Impressive as the live updating slideshow is we can go beyond that and enhance the experience for guests even further.

Our photographers can carry an iPad with them to show guests the photos just taken.

Guests can then email the photos to themselves, and depending upon the system we use could also post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In our experience most people will use email, save the photo and then post to social media.

If you happen to be promoting a brand then we can automatically add a logo or overlay of some description to the photo.

The reaction we have received from guests and clients has been incredibly positive for this service – more than we expected to be honest.

The good reaction is probably down to the fact that most people never ever see photos taken by roaming photographers at events and the quality of photo we take using professional equipment is excellent. Selfies have their place but a great photo trumps them (in my humble opinion!!).

If you are after quality photos to represent your event as opposed to badly taken phone photos then this is a great option for you.

Hashtag harvesting

Want to go even further?

Using specialist software we are able to ‘harvest’ photos from both Twitter and Instagram by live searching for set hashtags.

We can integrate these into the live updating slideshow and guests can also have them printed out using our on-site photo printing service.

Of course make sure you choose a unique hashtag or all sorts of photos may end up on the screen!

To get the most out of this service tell people in advance and have signage in the venue so that people know what to do and what the hashtag is.

Don’t expect everyone to take up this aspect but the one who do will love it (and enjoy showing off to colleagues!).


On-site photo printing

If you have looked at the rest of our site you will see we are specialists in providing instant photo printing on location.

It is a service we have provided for the likes of Disney, FedEx, Endemol, Amazon, Samsung and many others with great success.

The photo printing service combines very well with the sideshow service. When photos are transmitted for the slideshow they are also sent to a photo printing station (typically a 27″ iMac).

Guests make their way to the printing station, find their photos and we print them out in seconds. Simple and very effective.

With the vast majority of photos never leaving digital guests love printed photos – it’s a bit retro these days, similar to the vinyl renaissance.

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