At Ignite Images we always look to be at the forefront of photographic technology and ways we can use this to enhance the event you are running.

Crowdsourcing images at your event can be used in different ways and include;

  • Allow guests to have their photos printed on-site
  • Guest photos to be part of a slideshow shown live at the event
  • Attract guests to your stand or tent at a trade show or event
  • Provide source material for your social media or website use

We have developed this system in-house. You won't find any other photography company with the same technology.

The great thing is we HAVEN'T developed an app! This system is browser based and is accessed by guests by scanning QR codes.

If we had used an app we would be reliant upon guests finding it and downloading it which many people simply won't do. Having the system browser based means that most guests will be able to partake in the fun - unless of course they still use a 'brick' as their phone!

Try yourself to see how simple it is - use any QR Scanner on the code below.

Printing Guest Photos

Ignite Images are specialists in printing photos on-location at busy and fast paced events and have worked for many well known brands such as Amazon, Samsung and BT Sport doing this.

How many people actually print photos they have taken? Fewer than a half of people research suggests, and according to Google Vice President Vince Cerf important documents and photos could be lost in a digital black hole.

This is where our guest photo printing services comes in.

Using the site above we can receive guest photos at our printing station in a matter of a minute or two and have them available for printing. We can even carry out simple edits before printing.

To promote the service to guests we can use one, or all of the following;

  • Cards handed to guests
  • Strut cards on tables
  • Pop-up banners
  • On screen instructions combined with announcements

Our industrial photo printers that we use for our printing on-site service have quite a small footprint, yet can produce over three hundred 6 x 4 inch photos in an hour - enough for most events. If you feel that may not be sufficient we can double up our printing capability.

Many corporate clients wish to present the photos in bespoke wallets. We are happy to arrange this provided we have the artwork at least seven days in advance of the event. See the photo below for a few examples of these.

In these days of consuming photos digitally the novelty for guests of receiving a physical print is something truly appreciated.

Slideshow at your Event

As well as printing guest photos we can use the system to gather up photos for a slideshow.

This isn't an either/or situation. We can use the same photos guests send for printing for a slideshow.

There are various options in configuring a slideshow, including the option to have information slides, and/or adverts.

Of course we will curate the show. The chances are you won't want 'adult' images or one person hogging the show!

Attract Guests to your Stand

You can use our system in innovative ways. For instance why not use it to attract customers to your trade show stand, or stand at a festival?

To gain customer awareness you can place an advert in the program, distribute cards on entry and around the site, distribute cards at your stand etc.

To gain even more traction you can offer a prize, which may be randomly drawn, or could be 'The Funniest ......'. A brand overlay may be added to the photos should you wish, and of course you may use branded wallets as mentioned above.

Source Material for your Useage

Guest photos can be a great way to compliment the photos taken by the professional photographer (which will be hopefully us!!).

Images will be of a different nature to what a professional can/will take. Using this system is a great way to populate a blog and social media.

Of course we can add a 'permission' on the upload page stating that images may be used for promotional purposes of XYZ Ltd

Combine with Roaming Photography

As professional photographers we can't rely on guests and customers for all your photos - it would put us out of a job after all!

That's where we add into the mix our roaming photography service.

As well as relying on guests and customers to source images we can provide a professional photographer to photograph guests. Those photos will be available at the print station, and also immediately available on a tablet for guests to share to social media.

Our Experience of Events and Photography

Ignite Images have worked with many well known brands and even more lesser known ones!

What we are very conscious of is that every event is different, even if superficially they seem the same.

We can provide guidance based on our experiences of what will work for your event and what won't. We are innovative in our thinking and our technology.

If the idea of crowdsourcing images isn't for you we are confident we will have a photographic experience which will be suitable.