Live Digital Photo Mosaic With Guest Photos and a Roaming Photographer

Take your event to the next level with a branded photo mosaic that incorporates;

  • photos from our roaming photographer
  • guest photos
  • pre-supplied photos

The mosaic completes in real-time for a visually striking focal point that will wow attendees.

We specialise in corporate events & branding

Live updating photo mosaic, plus roaming instant photography

  • Increase guest engagement during the event as guests see themselves featured in the mosaic


  • Instant prints for guests along with the digital version


  • Visually enhance your event with a striking focal feature that builds energy and buzz for your brand or cause

If you are looking for a physical photo mosaic wall click the link

digital photo mosaic projection - completed

Guests can upload their own photos

We will provide a QR code for guests to scan.

This allows them to either;

  • take a selfie
  • upload a photo from their phone

These photos will be part of the mosaic.

The QR code can be sent out to guests before the event so the mosaic has a base level of images at the start of the event.

Add in a roaming photographer

Our Roaming Photographer will be the principal method of getting photos into the mosaic.

They will engage with guests to get fun, memorable photos that showcase the energy and atmosphere of your event.

All photos will be added in real time to the mosaic.

If you choose the Print Option we will also print these photos instantly and give to guests for them to take home as a memento of the event.

Our innovative photo system is designed to send photos instantly to guests – typically by text message but other options are availbale.

roaming photographer taking photos for a mosaic
brand activation photo
a branded photo with a couple sitting on a couch.

Post-event Analytics

Our instant photography system is designed to provide valuable data on various aspects such as;

  • estimated social media reach
  • number of photography sessions
  • age demographics of the event
  • sex demographics of the event
  • number of downloads

Our system is a valuable tool for corporate clients looking to better understand their target market.

With access to real-time data on consumer behavior, demographics, and social media reach, corporate clients can make informed decisions about future marketing strategies, leading to higher engagement and sales.

Xnapper 2023 04 25 10.03.09
brand activation with instant prints and digital delivery
Xnapper 2023 04 25 10.02.41

Make a Digital Mosaic Part of Your Next Must-Have Activation


A live photo mosaic powered by roaming event photography provides an interactive focal point that will wow your guests.

This creative experience captures and displays the very essence of your unique event.

Immortalise the Moment.

  • Guests will love posing for photos and seeing their photos featured in the mosaic in real-time.
  • Attendees will have shareable digital images and printed photos to treasure long after the event.
  • The mosaic visually preserves the energy and excitement – telling the story of your event better than words can.

Contact us to bring this innovative concept to life!