Using branded wallets to hold photos from a an event where photos are instantly printed is becoming increasingly popular with our clients. They add an element of class, style and of course branding to the delivery of the photographs.

They tend to be used on:

  • activations
  • experiential events
  • meet and greets
  • corporate parties

Whilst we can provide other types of frame we find that the branded wallet route is one that pulls together the overall branding of an event.

As well as the artwork you may also add a brand message to the wallet to reinforce a brand message, or possibly to provide a special offer, or details of a website.

For full details of our on-location, or on-site photo printing service click here.

Companies we have worked with


In most instances artwork is the responsibility of the underlying client.

It should be supplied as two production ready PDFs and be with us, and signed off, at least seven days prior to the event. Each PDF should be A4 and contain a bleed.

The A4 photo wallets we use can hold two print sizes; 6 x 4 inches and 7 x 5 inches.

If you are looking for a simple text and logo wallet then we can design these provided we have the appropriate digital assets in sufficient resolution, know the text to be used and what font is to be utilised.

At many activations and events we have significant time pressures so the ability to work fast is important to us.

We use Glue Dots to affix the photos. This method is fast and as we use the 'removable' version of the Glue Dots the guest can remove the photo simply and without damage.

If you are supplying your own photo wallets for us to use an alternative is to have cut corners. If this is the case please ensure the cut corners aren't too small or they can be very fiddly to mount the prints.

How we affix the photos


We find the cost of branded wallets for events to be very reasonable, especially when considered in the context of the overall budgets for events.

  • £130 for 250
  • £190 for 500

The above costs are for 350gsm card with full colour inside and out and gloss or matt lamination.

Other examples