Award Show and Gala Dinner Packages

Capture Every Moment with Our Complete Event Photography Package.

Our comprehensive service covers:

  • Pre-Event Reception: Roaming photographers capture candid moments during cocktail hour and instantly deliver photos to guests.
  • Main Event: Professionally staged photos of speakers, award presentations, and key moments during the event program.
  • After-Party: Fun green screen, photo booths, and slow-mo videos let guests have fun and walk away with shareable photos or videos.

With complete coverage before, during and after your main event, we ensure no critical moment goes undocumented. Instant photo delivery options give your guests a special VIP experience.

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A group of people posing for a picture on a stage after winning an award

Drinks reception photography

When was the last time your guests received photos from the official event photographer?

Rarely or never would be our guess. If they do the moment will have passed.

We deliver photos instantly during your event by;

  • text message
  • email
  • facial recognition
  • QR code

This creates valuable social currency for your event and gives it a buzz.

Not only does it improve their event experience, but it also extends your event’s reach and exposure by encouraging guests to actively promote it online in real-time.

We can take photos either against a branded wall, or roaming throughout the venue.

As an add-on we can also instantly print these photos.


Two men in tuxedos standing next to each other at a corporate awards show
A group of people posing for a photo at an event.

Speeches and awards

Our photographers will be strategically positioned to capture award winners, speakers and important moments happening on stage from the best angles.

We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to produce crisp, clear photos even in low-light stage settings.

You’ll receive a complete collection of great photos from the speeches and awards portion of your event to share across your own marketing channels and social platforms after the conclusion of your event.

The photos will be professionally edited and delivered to you post-event so you can proudly showcase and relive those memorable moments.

A group of people posing for a picture on a stage after winning an award

After-party #1 – 360 Video Booth

After the formal event ends, the real fun begins!

Extend the excitement by offering guests a fun way to capture videos during the after-party.

One unique option we offer is a 360  video booth.

The booth records a 8-10 second clip, with a camera spinning around guests. It captures reactions from all sides as guests laugh, dance, high-five and let loose together.

The final output is an entertaining 360 degree video (that will be approx 30 seconds long as we add slo-mo and reverses) that guests can share on their social media.

It’s the perfect technology for corporations wanting to show off their fun side! Guests walk away with a memorable, modern video that captures the energy and excitement of your after-party event.

Your guests will love the cutting-edge experience of being filmed from all angles in their own mini music video!

After-party #2 – Green screen photography

What better way to celebrate winners than putting them on their own magazine cover!

After your awards ceremony, continue the excitement by letting guests pose in front of a green screen.

We’ll have a branded template ready to go featuring your magazine, association or conference logo on the masthead. Winners can hold their trophies and pose like a cover model next to text congratulating them on their accomplishment.

It’s a fun, engaging way for guests to capitalize on their winning moments with a customized photo keepsake they’ll cherish.

The green screen magazine cover is just one template we can provide – we also have many other options.

A man and woman holding an award on the mock magazine cover taken by green screen

After-party #3 – Slo-mo videos

Let guests show off their fun side with our slo-mo video booth after the main event!

This popular and entertaining video activity captures guests dancing, jumping, hugging, photobombing and more in fun slow motion.

We can set up a designated area with props and signs directing guests to strike a pose.

The slo-mo video gives your professional corporate event a relaxed, interactive element that guests will love. It also makes for fun content to share on social media, extending your event’s online presence. Provide a lively activity that gets guests engaged and adds to your event’s “wow” factor.

Sponsorship opportunities

Our instant photo-sharing and entertaining video experiences also present great sponsorship opportunities.

During the pre-reception and after-party, photos and videos can contain dual branding – both your event logo and sponsor logo.

Sponsors essentially gain extended exposure by having their brand featured directly within the photos and videos that guests are eager to share on social media during the event.

With sponsorship our entertainement not only becomes free to you but you will likely make a profit.

Let us know if you would like to discuss creating branded pre and post-event experiences with our instant photo and video offerings to increase sponsorship value and social media visibility.

roaming event photography

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Our instant photography and video services deliver tangible value for your guests while capturing your event’s energy from start to finish.

Ready to give your attendees a VIP experience and shareable media that extends your event’s reach?

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