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AI Photo Experiences at Events UK

roman ai transformation

AI Photo Experiences at Events UK

AI Photo Experiences at Events UK

The Power of AI Photo Tech

As we navigate through the dynamic landscape of events and event planning, the demand for innovative and immersive experiences has never been greater.

Technology is raising the bar. The amalgamation of artificial intelligence and professional photography is transforming the way we can craft our memories.

For event organisers across the UK, this presents an exciting opportunity: delivering unique and fun experiences that attendees not only revel in but also eagerly share across their social media networks.

This works great for those companies who wish to brand the content.

Amazing Photo Transformations

Some of the incredible AI photo transformations your guests can experience include:

  • Transform into another character
  • Replacing backgrounds
  • Cartoonify the guest
  • Create avatars
  • many other effects

The visual results from our AI photo activations are stunning and highly shareable on social media.

Create an Interactive, Memorable Experience

AI photo experiences check all the boxes for excellent corporate event activations:

  • Unique – delivers something guests have never seen before
  • Interactive – gets guests actively involved
  • Cutting edge – utilizes the latest impressive tech

What does the guest get?

In line with much of what we do at Ignite Images everything is instant. So the client will get;

  • a digital copy of their image (typically sent via text or email)
  • a print of their photo (if you choose this option)

Additionally, we can;

  • show all images as a slideshow (you provide the screens)
  • show a slideshow on a monitor beside our AI Tech

These images are immensely shareable and great for brand promotion due to the traction they receive on social media.


ai transformation to harry potter (ish) at an event
The walking dead - season 3 - a man standing in front of a group of zombies.</p>
<p>Ai transform at an event
hipster transform - ai at an event
A man wearing a bandana and a t - shirt.</p>
<p>Ai transformation photo at an event

The workflow

Our system is designed to be fast. There is nothing worse than guests having to wait 20 minutes for their photo.

  • Photographer takes a photo – this is instantly transferred to our AI computer
  • The guest can have a choice of transformations (or you can restrict this to one style)
  • Our AI Technician works their magic – this may involve a remix if the results are a bit weird!
  • The photo is available to view and shared by the guest and printed out if that option is chosen

As can be seen from the Before and After images we don’t need a green screen for this type of event – we can use any wall. We would tent to set up studio lights and a background can aid the background removal by the AI.

Warning! Our AI system processes photos in the cloud so we need an internet connection. It doesn’t have to be super-fast but a venue with poor wifi isn’t a great choice for this experience.

ai transformation into a roman soldier at an event

Keeping it real (ish)

While some AI photo filters go overboard, altering images so much that the person is no longer recognizable, we pride ourselves on keeping transformations fun yet realistic.

We aim to keep the integrity of our guests’ faces. Hairstyles, facial features, and expressions remain true to the real person behind the filter. After all, if the output looks nothing like the guest what value does it have?

This allows everyone to enjoy their AI-powered makeovers while still clearly seeing themselves in the photos.

We walk the fine line of utilising the latest AI photo technology to create stunning transformations, while retaining each guest’s natural look and personality.


Branding can be achieved in one of two ways;

  • we design it
  • you design it

Quite simple really.

If you want us to create the branding we ask you to let us have logos, any event graphics and any wording you require.

If you want to create the branding we'll provide the specification. We will need the overlay in PNG format with transparency.

We can of course also print these photos instantly with our instant printing service for events.

photo which was sent via ai facial recognition

Let’s discuss your ideas

The possibilities are endless when you leverage the power of AI photo technology at your next event. Our experienced team stays on top of the latest innovations to deliver truly unique, branded experiences for clients.

We’ll work with you one-on-one to understand your specific goals, audience, and brand. Then we’ll transform those details into an interactive AI photo activation tailored just for you.

Ready to wow your guests and make your next corporate event truly cutting-edge? Reach out today to start planning an AI photo experience that exceeds your expectations. We can’t wait to bring your creative ideas to life!

Let’s connect to start planning a photo experience that your guests will love!