Professional photographs of your corporate events can be some of your most powerful marketing tools. They are hard proof of your business’ ongoing success, and can help cement your current and potential clients’ confidence in your services.

Here at Ignite Images, we have photographed an incredibly diverse range of corporate events. Our images are typically used for PR campaigns, company websites, brochures, blogs, on-site printing and social media.

We provide professional coverage of your event regardless of its scale or nature, by drawing on our pool of highly experienced photographers. We will listen to your requirements, and provide a bespoke service to suit you!

  • On-site instant photo printing
  • Conferences
  • Team Building Events
  • Product Launches
  • Brochures
  • Social media brand promotion
  • Publicity Event
  • Workplace
  • Public Relations
  • Websites

On-site Instant Photo Printing

This is a speciality of ours and we have worked for many leading brands to provide this service such as Disney, Pepsico, Amazon, Samsung and Estee Lauder.

If you are looking to run an experiential event, brand activation or an internal meeting then speak to us for guidance.

We have extensive experience in successfully running on-site photo printing activities often in fast paced environments and not necessarily in the most spacious of environments so we are confident we accommodate your needs.


Conference Photography

From small meetings to large staged conferences we have the experience to provide a great record of your event.

Our experience in conference photography makes us adept at documenting your event non-intrusively, so its professional atmosphere is conveyed perfectly in picture.

We use state of the art equipment and production technology, so we are able to deliver your images fast. We can even make them available to your AV technicians, or social media team on the day of the event.

Speed of delivery is important to us; we will typically deliver the images within a few days via an online gallery, or other agreed method. If certain images are required immediately for PR or social media purposes we will put the time aside to edit these on the day.

All conference photography typically includes photographs of signage, empty hall/full hall, staging, break out groups, speakers, audience reaction, lunch, delegate discussions etc.

We will look to accommodate all reasonable requests and we will scale up our team of photographers to suit your event.

Awards Ceremony Photography

Award ceremonies are lively occasions, punctuated with suspense and elation. It is so important to employ the right photographer, to capture those all important, joyful moments which recognise your guests’ or employees hard work and achievements.

Guests are always delighted to find out that they are able to view the images on our online gallery soon after the event. We also offer a unique on-site printing service, so that award winners can be presented with a framed photograph of themselves with their award, on the night (if required).


Experiential Events & Brand Activation Photographers

We have been privileged to work with brands such as Aperol, Intu, Endemol, Huawei on their experiential events and brand activations.

On-site instant photo printing

With many of these events we are providing an instant photo printing on location service which is one of our key specialisms.

Events we cover range from the sedate to the manic and we can produce hundreds of photos per hour if you are running a busy event. Print size ranges from postcard up to A4 with sizes in-between.

Social media amplification

At many events the underlying brand may be wanting to push their message beyond simply attendees there.

This is where our range of digital services come into play. These include;

  • uploading to the brand Facebook Page
  • online galleries (hosted by us)
  • unique branded galleries accessible only by the specific guest
  • sharing solutions involving tablets (to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Contact us for a free consultation to see how our services can benefit your brand and how it will work in practice.

Champions League Final Pepsico

Meet & Greet Photographers

From Jeremy Paxman to Mary Berry, Kendall Jenner to famous YouTubers we have developed some slick systems which ensure your meet and greet event goes smoothly.

We can provide instant photo printing or digital only solutions depending upon your requirements.

Photo printing on-site – we can ‘easily’ produce over 300 postcard sized photos in an hour, so if your event is busy then we have it covered.

Digital only – we have various options here. Upload to a Facebook Page, create a unique web page per guest, an online gallery hosted by us or allowing guests to share via tablets.

The nature of meet and greets means we need to shoot fast without sacrificing quality. Our current record is 550 guests in 90 minutes – that’s less than 10 seconds a person!!

Sir Alex Ferguson

Green Screen Photographers

We always get a great response when we do green screen photography – whilst a bit childish people of all ages love it!

The process is ‘simple’. We take photos of guests against a green screen, sophisticated software then removes the green background and replaces it with an image of your choice.

We can add branding to the images if so required, even in layers like the photo shown.

In most cases we combine the photography with on-site photo printing, often presenting them in wallets for branding purposes.

We can of course offer digital photo solutions which enable guests to receive their photos electronically.

vitality health400 1

PR Photographers

PR or publicity photography has been around for over 100 years but the technological, and social changes over the past 5 or 10 years mean that this landscape has changed forever.

As well as providing ‘traditional’ publicity photography we can go beyond this if you are holding an event with customers and/or journalists.

We can instantly print photographs for your customers to take away. This could be with a celebrity, against your branded boards, with the object you are promoting etc. We are used to printing 100s of prints in any one session and they are of lab quality.

All events are different and therefore our services will be bespoke to you. Working creatively with us can add an extra dimension to your event.

Typically we can provide your PR shots on the day of the event should you need them this quickly.

pr arc

Corporate Photobooth Hire

If you are looking to hire a photobooth for an experiential event or brand activation it’s important that you use a company used to the demands of corporate work.

We use a modern style open booth as this enables all guests at an event to see what is happening and creates engagement with those waiting.

Key features include;

  • bespoke branding of the prints
  • pin sharp images
  • social media sharing

As well as our open style booth we also have a booth which creates GIFs and Boomerangs – incredibly childish but great fun.

Being photographers we can of course also supply a combined booth and photography experience. So, if for example you are looking for an evening awards ceremony we can cover that and then provide the booth as part of the evening entertainment.

we work400

Corporate and Conference Photography