Are you looking for something DIFFERENT and ENGAGING?

It’s always a challenge as a party organiser to come up with something different to previous years that also engages your guests.

We have a range of services ideal for Christmas parties that are either unique, or have our unique twist added to make them more engaging.

All can be branded and if you would like us to mock-up a design for your company or brand, then just get in touch.

All our services revolve around;


Services include;

Our services come at different price points so there should be something suitable for your event.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help with your event.



360 Degree Video ‘photobooth’

We love our 360 Spinr – it is great fun, attracts a crowd and produces amazing videos loaded with special effects that your guests will love to share on the socials.

The first video on this post shows the output that can be expected.

  • guest stands on the platform
  • our attendant presses a start button
  • once up to speed the recording starts
  • guest steps off the platform once the arm stops spinning
  • the host computer processes the video in about 20 seconds
  • the video file is available for sharing

That is it. Simple and powerful!

Speak to us to create a mock-up in your brand or company’s style – or if you have a concept then just let me know.

Roaming Photographer – instant delivery & instant prints


Why wait to get your photographs?

If your photos are delivered the following week, or even within a few days then the moment is missed.

With our service guests view their photos as soon as they have been taken AND they can then instantly receive them by text message or email.

Not only that but our photographers can send the photos to be printed to be hand delivered to guests. Printing each photo only takes 10 seconds.

Our system can produce both still photos and GIFs – the guests choose.

It’s hard to put into words how much this service is loved by guests, but it is. Probably because guests have been to lots of events, had their photo taken and then never seen the results, or if they have it has been days or weeks later.

Get in touch to discuss and we’ll provide a free mock-up of how your photos will look.


photo 1576098334
photo 1576774936

GIF Booth


Are you bored with your ‘normal’ photobooth?

We are! Guests have seen them countless times and the attraction has waned.

That’s where our GIF Photobooth comes to the rescue.

It is mainly used for;

  • Boomerang style GIFs (12 – 16 images stitched together)
  • ‘Normal’ GIFs (4 photos stitched together)

We can print from the 4-photo GIF if you wish and both options provide instant digital delivery via text message or email so that guests can share to the socials speedily.

The open nature of the system means that those waiting can interact with those having their photos taken. No more bored guests waiting in a queue!

If you would like a FREE mock-up of how a template would look like for your event then please get in touch.

Photo Mosaic Wall


We love photo mosaic walls and we are sure your clients will too.

A work of art that can be hung on the office wall so that memories of the Christmas Party last.

It works by printing square tiles and placing them on a grid which in the end will make up a pre-defined image.

Photos for the tiles come from one or more sources;

  • a roaming photographer
  • a photobooth
  • hashtags from Twitter and/or Instagram
  • photos sent to us by guests via text message

Mosaic walls are great fun, especially once the underlying picture starts to come to life and they can really engage your guests. And, of course you have a permanent work of art to keep after your party!


merge magic mosaic

Santa’s grotto


You are never too old for Santa and some of our most fun events have been adult and Santa parties!

You must supply your own Santa but we can arrange the themeing via our contacts.

Create a grotto, or simply have Santa roaming your party. I can guarantee that an event with Santa will be a big hit!

Like many of our services we can;

Get in touch and we’ll see how we can work Santa into your next Christmas party.


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