11 Great Christmas Party Photography Ideas

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11 Great Christmas Party Photography Ideas


It seems a little strange to be writing about Christmas on a beautiful day in July, then again we received our first Christmas communication in February, so perhaps we are a little late to the party!

If you are planning your office, or corporate party then professional photography can be a great addition to the other entertainment that you have planned.

This post highlights some ideas and options we are able to offer.

1. Green Screen Photography

This is the cheesy option and can be a great fun addition to any party,especially at Christmas.

If you are not familiar with green screen photography it is the process of photographing people against a green screen, then using specialist software to remove the green background and replace it with a digital backdrop of your choice.

It is very popular at theme parks and tourist attractions and that is where many people have came across this form of photography.

We can work with you to select the digital backdrop which can, within reason, be anything you like. Perhaps a Winter Wonderland scene, or cheesy Christmas mantelpiece and tree.

green screen christmas party

2. 'Pop-up' Photo Studio 

If green screen photography isn't your cup of tea and you'd like something a little more formal then look towards our 'pop-up' studio.

This is a full professional studio set up in your venue. We use a 4 metre wide black velvet backdrop for a contemporary look to the images we produce. Combined with professional lighting your photos will look great.

The backdrop is great for both small groups of people and large group photos. Regularly we take group shots with in excess of 20 people in the shot.

Whilst the black backdrop may be more formal than the green screen it doesn't mean fun is lost. Our photographers are great at capturing great, natural shots of people having fun - ideal for your Christmas party.

3. Printing on-site, or Instant Printing

In this digital age there is something quite refreshing and rare about printing out photos.

After all when was the last time you did so?

It's very rare these days and is why our printing on site service is so popular and liked so much.

People are so used to simply viewing images on a screen that most people have forgotten the great quality you get with a printed image and are genuinely surprised when they receive their images.

To produce prints on location we use the latest state of the art photo printers. They are the same as those used in kiosks in the likes of Boots and photography shops.

Prints are dry to the touch once produced and depending on their size only take 10 - 15 seconds to produce.

The most common size of prints we produce are 6 x 4 inch and 9 x 6 inch. Which size you choose can depend upon budget and the type of event you are running.

We have a great deal of experience working on many large scale fast paced events and can produce hundreds of prints over the course of an evening.

4. Social Media Sharing

Whilst we love physical prints we also love technology and the digital age.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all proof that people love to share photos. They get greater engagement on social media than text only posts. People also like showing off. They love to show where they are or where they have been and that's where our Social Media Sharing Station comes into play.

How does it work? It's quite simple really. Photos taken are sent to iPads from where guests can then share the images they would like to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Those not wishing to share to social media are not left out as we can add an email option into the mix. This is also great for those who have forgotten their passwords which is quite common!

Our specialist software will log out each user from the underlying service after they have posted their photos to stop guests having access to other people's accounts.

5. #Hashtag Printing - Instagram & Twitter Photos

This is a novel service that most guests will not have came across before.

It operates in a very straightforward manner;

  • guests take photos with their smartphones
  • post to Twitter or Instagram with a unique hashtag for your event
  • collect their printed images from a printing station

In addition, if you have screens available at the venue all the images with the unique hashtag, plus associated messages, can be shown on them.

The success of this facility is communication beforehand with your guests and also communication at the party itself.

It's not difficult and an email to people beforehand explaining what will happen will go a long way to making the event a success. This allows those without Instagram to download it and register before the party.

6. Photobooth

Always a popular option at a Christmas party and more or less guaranteed to bring a smile to people's faces. Booths appeal to people of all ages, and no matter how senior people are in your organisation.

What makes our booths different from most booths in the market is that they were designed by photographers and also ran by professional photographers using high quality equipment.

We primarily operate in the corporate market for photobooths and do so due to requests from clients.

We designed and constructed our booths due to many photobooth operators frankly don't know one end of the camera from another resulting in underexposed photos, overexposed photos, out of focus shots and the like. Our booths are staffed by professional photographers and the booths provide crisp, pin-sharp images.

Should you wish to brand the booth you can do this for an additional fee. This involves us printing 5 panels with your branding that 'skin' the booth.

Green Screen is an option for the booth as well as more traditional booth backdrops.

7. Open Booth 

Quite a new concept and one that most guests will not have came across before.

As can be seen from the photo we house the camera and flash in a pod with a viewing/posing screen on the front. This is the modern alternative to the traditional enclosed booth and great fun.

The great aspect of the open booth is that other guests can see the fun that is taking place, shout encouragement and of course photo bomb!

Like the traditional booth we have a Green Screen option to the 'Open Booth'.

At the time of writing our 'Open Booth' is being manufactured to a bespoke design. It will be available for hire late August, or early September.

8. Roaming Photography

This is possibly the 'simplest' photography at parties we do, but we can add a twist if you like.

Quite simply we will roam the venue and take photos of guests. The will be a mixture of candids and posed as it always good to get a nice balance between the two forms.

Phone cameras can be great at capturing moments but where they really struggle is in low light situations such as party venues.

Our photographers use state of the art cameras and flashguns to capture great photos no matter how dark it is at your party. We guarantee you will see a massive difference between camera phone photos and the ones we produce.

If there are any speeches or awards on the evening we will of course also capture these for you.

Images will be delivered after the event in password protected gallery which will show them in a modern mosaic style. There will be the option to download images in high resolution, share to social media, or send by good old fashioned email.

So, what is our twist?

We can combine the roaming photography with printing on site. It doesn't matter how far away our photographer is from the viewing/printing station our bespoke solution can cope.

All we need is a decent wifi signal in the area of the printing station and where the photographer will be roaming.

We can of course also add in our social media sharing service in with this to enhance the service even further.

9. Props and Jumpers

We aren't going to provide Christmas jumpers, but having guests wear them at your event can be great fun. Easy to do and most people are happy to go along with the theme, far more than would wear fancy dress.

What we can supply are bespoke props especially for your event. These can include Facebook or Twitter frames, shaped signs etc. What about a Polaroid frame for instance?

There maybe something which is appropriate to your business. We can have this printed and cut into shape for you and the cost isn't going to break the bank either!

10. Bespoke Backdrop - real or virtual

Many clients want a personalised backdrop for their photos.

There are two options for this;

- A 'real' backdrop

- A virtual backdrop

If you are looking at a real backdrop you will get best photographic results if this is printed onto fabric. This is because you don't get the same reflections you get on backdrops printed onto vinyl.

Should your budget not stretch to a real backdrop we can use green screen photography to add this afterwards. The following two photos give you some idea of what may be achieved in each instance.

11. Bespoke Photo Wallets

If you are looking for an extra bit of finesse as to how photos are presented to guests then you should look to bespoke photo wallets.

These are much like a Christmas, or greeting card in which the 6 x 4 inch print is mounted.

See the photos to see what these look like. They are perfect to add a Christmas message to your guests and reinforce your branding at the event.

All we need if the artwork in PDF format and we can have these printed for you. They can be in full colour (both sides) and are typically printed on 350gsm card.

Mix and Match Options

Many of the options we have for our party photography don't exist in isolation, you can mix and match your options and create a bespoke package.

So, for instance should you require social media sharing alongside instant printing you can do so.

You will surely have your own ideas for what you are looking for at your Christmas party.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We work at events week in, week out so have great experience of what works and what doesn't!

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