Instant gratification photography

Instant gratification has become a way of life.

Gone are the days of waiting for many things. Perhaps of more importance our customers expect things immediately and making guests wait just simply isn’t acceptable anymore.

Social media has given us the opportunity to take photos and videos, see the results immediately, upload to sites and get immediate feedback from our social networks.

Most photographers have been slow to embrace technological and social change and still make clients and guests wait for their photos. In fact it’s still common for guests at many events to never see the professional photos taken of them.

As a consequence many brands haven’t been fast off the mark when it comes to photography and providing instant gratification to their customers and guests.

So, what can brands provide immediately at their activations and experiential events that their guests and customers will value so promoting their brand?

Here are a few suggestions.

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Event photography with immediate photo printing

Providing physical prints to guests and customers is always incredibly popular and is always a good choice when considering any marketing activity.

The prints can be branded with an overlay and the branding can be reinforced by presenting them within bespoke wallets.

This option proves to be popular for three key reasons;

  • it’s rare. Ask yourself when was the last time you printed off a photo.
  • the quality. Typically a print will be 18 times the resolution as a photo viewed on a screen!
  • longevity. A print will last and most people know this. At some point it will be found in the bottom of a shoe box way into the future. Will we ever hold such memories of digital images on social media? I doubt it.

Photos can be printed very fast – 10 seconds for a postcard sized print – so event at the busiest of events printing can keep up with demand. And of course printers can always be doubled up to speed things along even more.

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Immediate digital sharing of images

Whilst physical prints are very popular it isn’t often enough to satisfy customer’s desires for instant gratification as they often want digital images.

The desire for digital images is typically to share to social media. People share for various reasons, including;

  • to show off
  • to project their identity
  • to gain social approval
  • to share a moment with others
  • to get attention

To allow digital sharing of images it is possible to set up tablets that will show event images more or less straight after they have been taken.

Guests can then choose their photos and share;

  • via email
  • to Facebook
  • to Instagram
  • to Twitter

Of course there is a ‘price’ to pay for the guest who receives their photos digitally. The brand running the event will typically apply an overlay to the photos and the guest will be an advocate of that brand.

The more the unique the event, the greater desire to share and the greater power there is to the brand.

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There two main options for sharing of content to social media.

Tablet sharing

This is our most popular method for social media promotion. It works like this;

  • photo taken
  • image transferred to computer by cable or wi-fi
  • tablets ‘see’ the images on the computer and are available for guests to view
  • guest selects photo and can share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email themselves or have the image sent by text message
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Individual branded galleries

Our latest service and unique to us in the UK. It works like this;

  • photo taken
  • guest given ‘photo access card’ with a unique ID
  • guest visits a branded gallery or microsite
  • enters unique ID and views their photos and their photos only
  • the microsite can be fully branded and have clickable banners
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Immediate online galleries

A new innovation and one which will prove popular with guests.

It works quite simply. Photos are taken and are immediately uploaded to an online gallery which can be password protected.

Guests are given details of the gallery and able to download their photos or share them to the socials.

With a reasonable internet connection images will be available to guests within a minute or two.

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Disrupt the Timeline!

Because our audience reach is limited by the number of people who like our account.

And with the social platforms’ ever-changing algorithms making it increasingly more difficult for us to saturate and reach out to our audience, we rely on others doing it for us.

And when guests share our photos on social platforms, well, our reach becomes limitless.

And yours can be too. Let us create your content for you and more importantly for your guests.

No matter what event you are putting together, our photos are guaranteed to impress, and they create instant engagement.

If you have a phone, the photos are yours to use immediately, not many photographers can say that.

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Roaming with Instant Sharing

How often have you been to an event where a photographer has been present, your photo has been taken but you never ever see them?

Whether it is a conference, ball or wedding this is quite normal.

But there is a solution. After all if you can instantly share a photo with a phone why not with a professional dSLR?

Using state of the art software it is now possible to share instantly images taken at events.

It is even possible to use the system to take animated GIFS!

What’s more the system can be set up to print from a central photo printer at the event.

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