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Social Media, Marketing, Photography & Events

When it comes to social media marketing the biggest mistake a brand can make is not using this channel.

Of course it is necessary to do this right.  Sitting back and waiting for something you have posted to go viral is simply not going to happen without thought and a plan.

Brand awareness, traffic and sales can all result from quality social media marketing techniques.

These statistics are really interesting;

  • The fastest growing segment of social media users is now adults aged 45-54.  55% of this age group now have a profile on at least one social network
  • Half of all social media users under age 35 follow their online friends’ product and service recommendations
  • 23% of Facebook users check their accounts five or more times every day.  56% of Facebook users check in at least daily.
  • Half of all mobile web traffic in the U.K. goes to Facebook.
  • 70% of marketers say that content marketing has increased their brand awareness; 59% believe it supports sales growth; and 45% say it has reduced their advertising costs.
  • Images are (important!) content too: 94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images. Using photos provides a 37% increase in Facebook engagement and 14% increase in news release pageviews.
  • During the daytime, Facebook has a reach comparable to or exceeding the four TV networks measured (Neilson).

Aga and Mary Berry

How can Ignite Images help with your social media marketing

We are primarily concerned with the sharing of images from your event.  This may be a consumer event, B2B event, conference, party or some other form of publicity event.

Traditionally a company may have relied on a press photographer for coverage, or released a press release pre and post event.  Neither method provides the immediacy of social media, and it is unlikely these days to have a press photographer attend unless your event is high profile and newsworthy.

Many Event Photographers, including ourselves, have the ability to print photos on location to give to customers or guests.  This in itself is a great way of promoting your brand - perhaps more so than in the past for the simple reason that few people these days actually print photographs due to rise of digital media.  By customising the photo frame you can enhance your branding and also provide a message about your brand.

Simply providing a photo restricts your message to those attending your event.  Some people may scan their photo and share to Facebook, or Twitter but this will be very low percentage.

At Ignite Images we will take things one step further and introduce  a social media marketing aspect to our photography. We will set up an iPad Hub at your event which will enable guests to share their images over Facebook and Twitter plus allow the images to be e-mailed to themselves. As can be seen from the image the iPad Hub holds 4 iPads.  Images from your event can be transfered to the iPads within seconds of them being taken by wi-fi.

Features of the iPad Hub

  • Photos can be published to either the guest's Facebook Timeline, or to the company's Facebook Page
  • Guests can be made to 'Like' the company Facebook Page.  This allows them to tag themselves and download the images.
  • A custom overlay can be applied to the image, for example a logo &/or name of the event (Facebook, Twitter & e-mail)
  • A custom message can be set by the event organiser (Facebook and Twitter)
  • The e-mail can be customised.  This can provide details  of the event, brand and relevant links.
  • The ability to host a customer survey.

The hub can be configured in many different ways to make it bespoke for your event.  For instance if you simply wanted a Facebook share option you can do this.  The software on the iPad is intuitive to use but with all technology it is often advisable to have someone on hand to guide guests to the hub and explain its use.

Benefits of the iPad Hub

  • The immediacy of the sharing.  Your event is promoted when it actually running.  19 million of the UK Facebook's 27 million users access it via their mobile.
  • The average UK Facebook user has 130 friends.  So, if at your event 500 people share their photograph the reach may be as high as 65,000. A far greater number than will be at your event.
  • You have more control of images posted.  People will be taking their own photos at your event (typically with a camera phone) - by providing professional photographs your brand will be represented better and you can add your own logo and message to posts.  Having a professional photographer will mean there is less likelihood of poor quality photos being posted.
  • The average UK Twitter user has 124 followers so the reach to direct followers is similar to that of Facebook.  The judicious use of hashtags can mean that the reach could be significantly greater.

Obviously not every event you run will benefit from this form of social media marketing, but many will and with creative thought a significant impact can be made.  It may be that you have a celebrity at your event, you run a quality portrait session or get creative with a green screen backdrop.

Other digital aspects to consider for your event

  • Create a Facebook page for your event to interact with guests / customers - publicise this well or supply this if there is registration.
  • Create a hashtag especially for the event
  • Upload presentations to the likes of Slideshare
  • Share videos on YouTube
  • Create a Pinterest board especially for the event