Slo-mo Video Booth Hire

Offering your event guests the chance to see themselves in slow-motion video is sure to surprise and delight.

Take your brand experience to the next level with a one-of-a-kind slo-mo video booth activation.

This can be a roaming experience, like at Reading Festival, or could be a static booth against a backdrop.

A green screen option is available for extra creativity.

We specialise in corporate events & branding

What is a Slo-mo Booth?


A slo-mo video booth lets your attendees be the star of their own engaging slow motion videos.

Guests can strike poses, jump, dance, or act out scenes against a customized backdrop or whilst our videographer is roaming an event.

The camera captures all the action in incredible detail. The slowed-down videos are instantly generated for sharing on social media.

It’s an experience very few people have had before — now your event can give it to them!

2 Seconds to 16 Seconds!


We typically capture 2 seconds of footage.

Then we slow this down producing a 16 second finished video.

Seeing a quick moment stretched out into an epic slo-mo video makes it fun and shareable. Small details get noticed and reactions are exaggerated.

Guests love watching their casual motions and gestures dramatically extended and intensified.

It’s an eye-catching effect that makes every movement fascinating to watch

Stand Out from the Noise at Trade Shows


Trade show floors are loud and crowded. Cut through the noise with an interactive slo-mo video booth that grabs attention.

Seeing themselves in branded slo-mo video makes attendees stop, engage, and remember you. The novelty drives social shares, expanding your event reach.

Slo-mo video advantages:

  • Increased Engagement: Visitors flock to interactive, shareable booths.
  • Brand Integration: Logos, colors, slogans incorporated.
  • Social Buzz: Attendees proudly share novel videos.
  • Memorable Impression: Slo-mo moments create positive associations.

Give your booth a memorable edge with slo-mo videos attendees will eagerly share!

Elevate the experience with green screen


Take your slo-mo videos to the next level with customizable green screen video backgrounds.

With video background technology, attendees can envision themselves:

  • Rocking out at a festival
  • Walking on the moon
  • Swimming underwater with sea creatures

The possibilities are endless with moving video backgrounds! This makes the slo-mo videos even more vivid, immersive and shareable as guests select fun, animated backdrops.

It also provides additional branding opportunities with virtual backgrounds incorporating your event theme, logo, graphics, and more into the video loop.

Attendees essentially become part of your branded world in their own personalized slo-mo videos.

Let your guests’ imaginations run wild and make them the star of their own mini-movies. Add green screen video backgrounds to take your slo-mo booth to the next creative level!


The slo-mo video experience presents numerous seamless ways to incorporate your event branding and messaging:

  • Custom photo booth backdrops with logos, colors, graphics
  • Outros and Intros
  • Green screen capabilities to place attendees in branded video worlds
  • Branded overlays
  • Instant delivery to guests so they may share on the socials

From backdrop to final share, we ensure your brand identity is consistently integrated. Slo-mo videos become creative vehicles to spotlight your personalised activations.

Let’s strategise how to infuse the slo-mo video experience with your brand DNA while putting the fun, shareable focus on your event guests!

Data Collection

Data collection during a corporate activation is a smart move for businesses looking to expand their customer base and improve their marketing efforts.

By collecting email addresses, companies can build a valuable database of potential customers to target with future campaigns.

We have the option with our system to collect names, email addresses and other data.

This needs to be done in a GDPR friendly way and we can offer guidance on this.

Just remember to limit the information you require. Guests don’t want to complete 10 fields just to get their photo!


data collection at an activation

Post-event Analytics

Our instant photography system is designed to provide valuable data on various aspects such as;

  • estimated social media reach
  • number of photography sessions
  • age demographics of the event
  • sex demographics of the event
  • number of downloads

Our system is a valuable tool for corporate clients looking to better understand their target market.

With access to real-time data on consumer behavior, demographics, and social media reach, corporate clients can make informed decisions about future marketing strategies, leading to higher engagement and sales.

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Make Slo-Mo Video Part of Your Next Must-Have Activation


Interactive. Customisable. Shareable. Memorable. Slo-Mo video delivers all the elements for hit brand activations.

Give your attendees a truly unique experience they’ll love reliving and posting across their social channels. Our slo-mo videos generate captivating content worth sharing again and again.

Whether at a conference, trade show, or company event – make slo-mo video a focal point. Add green screen capabilities to take it over the top.

Book a consultation today to start planning how real-time slo-mo videos can help your next brand experience reach viral status! It’s an original concept we’re uniquely equipped to make unforgettable. Let’s get creative!