Virtual Photobooth & Virtual Photo Mosaic Wall

Are you looking for engaging experiences now that events are cancelled or postponed?

We have a couple of great ideas that can be used either to;

  • connect with your customers
  • engage your employees

The two options are;

  • Virtual Photobooth
  • Virtual Photomosaic Wall

Both are great fun and can both be configured to offer prizes to users!

Check out our dedicated page for virtual photobooths by clicking this link.

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Virtual Photobooth


We see the virtual photobooth being used in two main ways;

  • engaging customers via social media
  • a bit of fun for employees during Zoom, or Microsoft Teams meetings
  • virtual conferences

The ability to have a competition will greatly enhance take-up from your clients and employees. Perhaps a winning prize could include, or be a donation to charity.

Being browser based the booth can run on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops so there is no excuse for not taking part!

To distribute the booth simply send out a link that we provide and away you go. We can even track the number of clicks on the link.

Branding is obviously important and there are a number of ways that we can add this;

  • on the photo template itself
  • banner on the booth screen (clickable)
  • background of the booth screen
  • social media mini banners (at the bottom of the screen)
  • when the guest retrieves the link

Image Options

There are three options available (you choose 1 ,2 or 3 options);

  1. Still photo – this option has allows the guest to use a virtual background without green screen. These can be chosen by you.
  2. 4 photo GIF – 4 photos are taken and stitched together to create a GIF
  3. Boomerang style GIF – between 10 and 16 photos are stitched together to create a looping back and forth GIF


Scratch and Win

This is a great way to encourage take-up and participation.

Once the photo has been;

  • sent via email or
  • sent via text

a competition screen opens with a virtual scratch card.

We have various options to change the win parameters to ensure your budget for prizes is capped.

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photo 1588077002
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Virtual Photo Mosaic Wall


Photo Mosaic walls are great fun and we will typically print these on-site at events.

During ‘lockdown’ they can be a great way to engage your;

  • clients
  • customers
  • employees

Photos can be obtained in a few ways;

  • hashtag ‘harvesting’ from Instagram &/or Twitter (using a unique hashtag)
  • Text messaging – we will give you a mobile number to send photos to and these will be automatically added to the mosaic
  • Website upload – we can set up an upload page on our site, or you can use Dropbox or Google Drive


Viewing the Mosaic

How you choose for the mosaic to be viewed will depend on how you will be using this.

For something like a virtual conference we can set up a Live Stream to YouTube and the screen can be shared occasionally by the host.

If you are aiming to engage your customers on the socials we can post a work in progress each day.

The size of the mosaic can be set depending on the expectation of engagement.


Prize Mode
Along the same lines of the Virtual Photobooth we can set the photo mosaic wall to ‘Prize Mode’ where certain random tiles are classed as winners.

This can greatly increase participation in the creation of the mosaic, and with it your brand being promoted.

Parameters can be set for the number of winners to ensure it doesn’t run out of control.


Mosaic Completion

Once the mosaic is complete there are two choices;

  • high-resolution digital file (we will always provide this)
  • a printed mosaic – we will arrange for the mosaic to be printed so it can be hung somewhere appropriate

The mosaic wall is a great way to engage your clients and can also be a great way of creating a social documentary of life during lockdown.

All individual images along with the complete mosaic will be sent you post-event, we can also create an online gallery for you.

Get in touch if you would like us to create a free mock-up mosaic for you.

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