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Company Benefits

The two key reasons for the use of a photographer on an incentive trip are;

  • Quality photography to promote next year's event
  • Great photos for the guests on the trip

It's crucial for companies to 'sell the sizzle' for any forthcoming event as the ROI comes not only the extra performance of those going on the trip but also those who didn't qualify!

Additionally many people on these trips aren't great photographers and may have no camera other than that built in their phone. Having a professional on the trip can ensure the guests have great memories of the trip.

Reportage Photography

We will agree the shooting style in advance, however one thing we will look to do is capture the feel of the event. We will aim to capture those candid moments but also take the shots the guests want.

We aren't precious, if a succession of people want their photo taken coming out of a red telephone box we'll do it (and indeed have done it).

It is important to have the correct type of personality for events of this. The photographer needs to be engaging, slightly pushy without being impolite and able to get photographs of even the most reserved guest. We can do this!

Online Galleries

We can deliver fully edited photos to the main client in a number of ways - DVD, USB drive, online transfer, online gallery etc.

The danger of delivering images just to the main client is that they disappear into a Head Office 'Black Hole' never to be seen by guests on the trip.

To remedy this we can effect one of two things;

  • Online gallery on this site
  • Bespoke site for the trip

In both instances we would make sure that the galleries had social sharing functions - after all what is an incentive trip without 'bragging rights' to friends back home.

If we were to set up a bespoke site we could either use a service such as Smugmug or create a full blown site. This site was designed by Ignite Images so we are able to create what the client is after with ease.

Naturally, if you would like galleries password protected we can do this as well as adding an overlay or logo to images.

On-site Photo Printing

What sets us apart from many photographers is that we are able to offer on-site printing to tour groups.

We can print photos in sizes from 6 x 4 inches up to 12 x 8 inches. It doesn't take too long - even a 12 x 8 inch photo only takes 45 seconds to print. Obviously there is a practical issue as whilst the printers don't take up much room they are heavy. Probably the best solution is to print them in one of the venues you visit, the hotel or they can be printed overnight for delivery the next day.

The obvious photo to print would be a group photo but we could also print individual images. To make the photo even more special we can design and print bespoke photo wallets for them.

Editing of the Photos

Unless requested we won't simply give you the photos at the end of the day. What we will do is edit these to show off the event in its best.

It will typically take us the same length of time to edit images as it takes us to shoot. So, if we photograph for a day we will edit for a day.

Obviously if the group need photos speedily we can arrange this.

Gala Dinner & Awards

Much of our work is in the corporate arena and we are well versed in photographing at gala dinners and awards.

If there is a gala dinner with awards we will be able to soot this with ease. Often the awards section is one which will be published in an in-house magazine or intranet.

Incentive Travel

On-site Printing

Corporate Photography

Teambuilding Photography