Corporate Photo Booth HIre

corporate photo booth rental

Corporate Photo Booth HIre

Our innovative booth

At Ignite Images we specialise in photography at corporate events and now we have introduced photobooths into our range of services to compliment our more general photography services.

Whilst booths are fun entertainment you can expect the same great quality of photography from them as you can from our professional photographers.

We understand the requirements of;

  • Companies
  • Event planners
  • PR agencies
  • Branding specialists
  • Conference organisers

The requirements of these type of clients are often very different to a wedding client which is what most photobooth companies specialise in.

the corporate photobooth

We don't do weddings

we've worked with big brands

and lots of smaller ones too!

corporate photobooth rental

Companies we have worked with

Branded prints

For most corporate rentals it is important that your branding is featured on the output from the booth.

We will work with you to customise the prints that are produced. As a rule all our photos are 6 x 4 inches as opposed to strips as this provides more space for your branding and the photos are larger!

Branding of the output ties together;

  • The guest or customer
  • The event
  • Your brand

Ideally you'll look to tie in the message of the event with the branding you choose for the photos.

Should you wish to use your own designers we are happy to provide guidance as to measurements and what is likely to work on the prints.

branded prints

appearance matters

branded wallets

the finishing touch

To compliment the branded photos we can also supply branded wallets to hold them in.

We have used these very successfully with the likes of Amazon, the Springboks, BT Sport, Thomas the Tank Engine etc.

Not only do they provide protection for the prints we distribute but they also can be used for;

  • Brand message
  • Special offers
  • Competitions
  • Further information

It is the responsibility of the underlying client to provide the artwork for the wallets. We will of course provide artwork guidelines for you.

Branded wallets

ipad hub

iPad Hub

As you are probably aware the 'reach' of Facebook Posts on your company page are now very limited as Facebook want you to pay for advertising.

The way to get your message out to as many people as possible is for guests or customers at your event to share photos to their own Timeline.

This peer-to-peer social sharing allows you to gain brand advocates and help you reach new networks of potential customers.

People interact on social media more to photos than to a text post - even more so if that photo can provoke;

  • Laughter
  • Jealousy
  • Empathy

The greatest impact for social media sharing is if it immediate and on-site. This is why we use iPads on stands to allow for this sharing. By not having the sharing on the booth screen allows a greater through flow of guests to the booth.

Sharing can be to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message and email. We find email and text message to be the most popular as people often forget their passwords!

social sharing

go micro-viral

innovative design

we don't box you in

We had our booth designed to our specification by a boutique photobooth designer - it is unique to Ignite Images.

The 'open style' type of booth is very much on-trend at the moment and event organisers are finding them far more fun, and popular than the more traditional closed booths.

The key reason for this is that those waiting become part of the entertainment. Instead of simply waiting in line twiddling their thumbs we find that they engage and interact with those having their photos taken.

This in our mind makes these type of booths far more fun than the closed ones, although we can supply a closed booth if you really want one.

In most instances we photograph against a backdrop, but we can if you want direct the booth into the room without using a backdrop.

Bespoke design

Branded microsite

If you are wanting to use the email or text message route for the sharing of photos we will need to set up a bespoke microsite so that guests, or customers can retrieve their photos.

The microsite can include;

  • Banners
  • Links
  • Map
  • Special offers
  • Competitions
  • Mailing list sign-up

Crucial to the page will be Social Sharing Buttons. If these are used by the guest then it will be this 'landing page' with the guest photos that will be shared to social media.

By using a microsite in this way your brand message can go way beyond just the guests who attended the event.

We can add Google Analytics to the microsite so you can see how many people visit. Further in depth analytics may be added for an additional fee.

The guest may download their images from the microsite as well as using sharing buttons.

branded microsite

even more branding!

additional photography

our speciality

We specialise in photographing events of all descriptions including;

  • Conferences
  • Gala Dinners
  • Brand activations
  • Experiential events
  • Charity balls
  • Trade shows
  • Award evenings

awards photography

Awards photography

Should you be looking for a photographer to cover your event then take advantage of our experienced photographers who will capture your event and provide great photos.

Brand activation

Computer game launch

As we are able to combine general photography with photobooth rental we are in a great position to offer flexibility as far as our services are concerned.

For instance you may only need the booth for the drinks reception lasting an hour. Renting from a standalone operator may be prohibitively expensive, however if combined with our other photography services you may find our fees far more to your liking.

It may be that you require the booth for the drinks reception and also for a couple of hours after dinner. Most companies will charge you 'idle time' during dinner, however if we are photographing the event in any case these charges can be minimised.

If you contact us and let us know your exact requirements for both photography and photobooth hire we can look at providing a combined fee.

timing flexibility

every event is different