With extensive experience in photographing events we are able to bring these skills to the corporate party arena.

There are a number of options available depending upon your requirements, and budget. Please give us a call and we can discuss your options and agree what will work best for your party.

Roaming Photography

This is our simplest and most popular option.

As the name suggests we supply a roaming, or roving photographer to take a mixture of posed and candid photos of your party.

If there are formal aspects to your event, such as speeches or awards we shall of course capture these.

In our pre-event briefing please let us know key shots required, which may be a speech, or certain people.

We can add into the mix an element of social media sharing of photos taken on the night. The photographer can carry around an iPad alongside the camera, or an iPad social sharing station can be set up and loaded up with images through the evening.

We will deliver images electronically, and also provide an online gallery where guests can download high resolution images and/or share these on social networks.

If you require a brand logo, or brand overlay added to the images this can be added at no extra cost - simply supply the artwork, or logo.

Photo Studio

A popular option, and great fun.

We set up a 4 metre wide black backdrop at the venue and add professional studio lighting to produce high quality portraits.

At corporate parties we tend to find that people use the studio for group shots and couple shots although the occasional person does ask for a solo portrait.

We can combine the photo studio with on-site printing of photos, and/or a social media station.

On-site Photo Printing

This is a speciality of ours and something we do week in, week out.

We combine this with our photo studio experience. Images are wirelessly transferred from camera to print station where guests can view them on a 27" iMac.

Guests select the photo or photos they like and we print them on the spot - taking 10 to 15 seconds depending upon the size.

There are two main options for this service;

1) Unlimited prints

2) Photo vouchers

Which is more appropriate will be determined by the nature of the event and party budget.

A brand logo, or overlay can be added to the images, just supply us with the artwork.

Given sufficient notice we can provide bespoke photo folders for your event.

Social Media Station

This can be combined with the studio, or with our roaming photography studio.

We can set up a bank of iPads (3) that we load up with specialist software that allows guests to post to Facebook, Tweet or email themselves the images.

A brand logo, or event overlay can be added to the images.

With roaming photography we will load images periodically as we will often be out of wi-fi range.

We can either use wi-fi from a mobile hotspot (phone signal), or the wi-fi from the venue. If your event is in Central London we can perform a site visit to check on the signal.

Instagram & Twitter #Hashtag Wall

Why not crowdsource your event photos?

Give your event a unique hashtag, promote it to your guests and wait for photos to be flooding in to be displayed on screens at your event.

We can add roaming photos into the mix just to give the display a bit of a boost.

Text only Tweets will be displayed separately at the bottom of the screen.

Permutations, permutations, permutations!

We offer a mix and match service.

It may be that you want roaming photography with a social media station, you may wish to combine all services mentioned above.

All events are unique and we are more than happy to discuss what would work best for your particular event to provide the greatest value for money.

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