Be Tik Tok Ready at your Events

Tap into the explosive growth of Tik Tok and connect with their audience

Most people are now aware of the massive growth of Tik Tok even if they aren’t regular users or familiar with it at all!

Their statistics are impossible to ignore;

  • TikTok has over 3.7m active users in the UK
  • TikTok is downloaded over 1m times a month in the UK
  • The average daily time spent on the app is 41 minutes
  • The largest share of users (26%) in the UK is aged 18-24
  • The biggest TikTok influencers in the UK have higher engagement rates on Instagram
  • TikTok had its biggest month in March 2020 with 115m global downloads, with 745k from the UK
  • TikTok is set to reach 10 million users in the UK by 2021

We can help your brand get onto Tik Tok and we have two solutions for this.

Many thanks to for the data.

tik tok at events

User-Generated Content & It’s More Than Dances

Don’t fall into the trap that Tik Tok is just about dances.

Yes, they feature large, but if you delve into the platform you will quickly see that users post anything and everything.

Quality is of variable quality and that is where our service comes in – to provide branded high-quality content that users can post as their own.

Do expect some re-mixing of your content. This includes adding stickers, effects, sounds and emojis. This keeps it real.

Content is king on Tik Tok – you don’t need an account with a big following to get big views.

The 360 video effect ‘photobooth’

Our 360 Spinr is one of the best experiences you can bring to your events and activations.

  • The guest stands on a platform surrounded by strip lights (for great video quality and also looks great to other guests).
  • The camera starts spinning and captures short video clips.
  • Then the magic happens – we add video effects to the footage – these can be random, or pre-determined.
  • Once processed the video is available to be emailed with a finishing touch of a brand overlay.
  • This all happens within a minute so the system can cope with busy activations.
  • Once the guest has received their video they can upload it to Tik Tok and add stickers and other effects.

Not only will your guests have great fun but they will also promote your brand on Tik Tok!

Bringing Boomerangs to Tik Tok

Instagram Stories introduced us to Boomerangs and we have our own version which is perfect to use with Tik Tok.


Simply because they are fun and people love them.

If you don’t know, a Boomerang, is a looping back and forth video made up of between 12 and 14 images.

We use our ‘normal’  GIF photobooth for this service which has proved to be highly popular over the years. We can set it up for Tik Tok sized videos and also more standard-sized videos for use on other social media.

Once taken the ‘boomerang’ style GIF can be downloaded to the guest’s phone to be used as an upload to Tik Tok.

Full branding, of course, can be added – and we can use green screen. Check out some examples on our GIF Photobooth page.

Facebook Stories & Insta Stories

A great side benefit of producing content for Tik Tok is that it can also be used for Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories as these are in the same height and width ratio.

It’s fair to say that Facebook Stories hasn’t really taken off, but Insta Stories are very popular.

So, even if your guests aren’t using Tik Tok you can use our system also with Facebook and Instagram.

All bases are covered!

Work with us

If you think that your event can benefit from our Tik Tok (or Insta Stories, and Facebook Stories) service then get in touch.

We’ll work with you to provide mock-ups and ascertain how it will work at your event.

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