Corporate hospitality, or corporate entertainment has long been considered an excellent way to instigate, develop and maintain business relationships.

Reasons for this include;

  • Cement Relationships & Create Loyalty 

    By taking clients and prospects to a special event such as a high profile sporting event it will demonstrate how much you value them and create a lasting memory linked between the event and your company.

  • Product Launches 

    A corporate hospitality event is a perfect opportunity to launch a new product in style. You can have a high quality event, creating excitement and engaging guests that will maximise the interest and create the desired effect – maximum impact.

  • Differentiating Your Business from the Competition 

    In the present economic climate, where many organizations are cutting back,  you are offering something above and over what your competitors will be doing for them.

Corporate entertainment is not cheap, very often costing £100s per guest and in many cases well over £1,000.  With a key element of the hospitality being memories what better way to reinforce your message than to have professional photography at your event.

At all events I have attended as both a guest and a photographer people have always been taking photos, often on poor cameras, or these days on their phones.  Whilst camera phones can in certain circumstances produce great photos they do struggle in low light conditions and for sports. 

This is where the professional photographer can come to the fore.  With the correct equipment and also being dedicated to the task great quality images can be captured of the event.

Clearly not all events are going to be ideal for photography but some of those that are include;

There are different ways in which you can incorporate photography into your event.

Print on location

Depending upon the nature of the event, and what you are looking to achieve this can be a great solution.  We have the ability to print 100s of photos within a few hours at lab quality.  We can print in various sizes and as we have a generator we have no need of a mains power supply.  Should you wish to have an extra element of branding we can source bespoke photo wallets.

Online gallery

We can easily set up an online gallery on our site which will allow full resolution digital downloads to your guests.  We can add your logo, or other branding as required as well as making this password protected.

For a small additional cost the gallery page can be 'skinned' to look like your website, or intranet.  All you need to do is tell us the page you will be linking from.

Facebook gallery and page

As well as the online gallery we can set up a Facebook gallery.  This could be on our Facebook Page or on your Facebook Page.

Subject to an adequate Wi-Fi signal or reception for  3G, or 4G mobile broadband we can establish this gallery when the event is ongoing.  This enables guests to tag themselves on the day.  After all there is always the element of 'bragging rights' with corporate hospitality.

After the event printing

We can supply the prints in a timely fashion, typically within 24 - 48 hours, although this will be longer should you wish large prints.

Perhaps not as high tech as printing on the day but can be just as effective, or even more so in promoting your brand.  Rarely have I been in someone's office without some photographic reference to corporate entertainment.  If the account manager wishes to deliver in person which guest will refuse the appointment after you have recently lavished £100s on them?

Incorporating the use of a professional photographer, prints and galleries can compliment and enhance your corporate entertainment and bearing in mind the cost of hospitality it is likely to only be a small percentage of your overall budget.  Plus you can use the images for other promotional and branding purposes.

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