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Do you always hope for a special photograph of a special event that you can look back on and remember how much fun you had, how great the event was and how much you enjoyed the company?

Do you wake up the next morning, eagerly scanning your camera for photographs from the night before, searching for that perfect picture of you and your partner, friends or family, only to find that the pictures you took weren’t quite as great as you had hoped for?

Guarantee that you will have a smile on your face when you see your ball photographs and take the studio to the ball instead. Taking a photographer to a ball can ensure that you get high quality pictures of you and your friends or partner enjoying yourselves, in a natural environment with the same high quality lighting and focus as you would get in a professional studio, but at a fraction of the price.

Studio photos might bring back memories of a fun day that you’ve had in a studio, but not of the summer ball where you celebrated the end of another school or university year with your friends, or the charity ball that you attended with your partner, or the work event that you’d spent so much time looking forward to.

You’d like a photographer to capture the entertainment of the evening and the fun that you were having with your partner or friends, and we can set up a full photographic studio at your ball to make sure that we capture every part of the event and you don’t miss an ounce of the fun that is to be had.

We have a large four metre wide freestanding black velvet backdrop, and we can take photographs of groups no matter what the size, whether it is just you and your partner or a group of 20 or 30 friends, we can capture you in the best lighting having fun at your event, and you’ll have high quality images to look back on and remember the ball.

Maybe you haven’t had a formal portrait with your partner or family for years, and the idea of going to a studio and being manhandled into 80 different positions and poses makes your skin crawl. Instead, you can bring the studio into your event and have the high quality formal portrait that you’ve been dreaming of, for a lower price than a studio and in a more natural environment.

You might be at an event with a new partner and want to capture your moments together, we can provide photography services for you and your partner that will ensure you will enjoy the memory of your high profile evening together for years to come.

Whatever your reasons, ball photography is a perfect way to capture the memories of your evening without having to worry about taking the photographs yourself, or missing important people out of your final images. We will capture the essence of the ball to ensure that you have a memento of the event that you will cherish.

At your venue we will set up a professional photo studio.

We use the same equipment that you would find in a ‘bricks & mortar’ studio which means we will have multiple flash units and a choice of backdrops for you to choose from

We wirelessly transfer the images to a viewing station.

Guests can instantly review the photographs taken, on a large LCD monitor.

Should you want any re-takes of you, or your friends please just ask as we want you to be happy with your pictures.

At the viewing station you may purchase prints there and then.

The prints we offer are of lab quality and by default will be 9 inches x 6 inches and supplied in a quality strut mount. It takes about 10 seconds for a photograph to be printed.

We can take debit and credit cards

We make our income from the sale of prints on the night and afterwards from online sales.

In most instances we can therefore attend your social event without charging an attendance fee.

If your event is likely to be small please contact us and we will let you know if we can still attend for free

Providing there are 200 or more guests at your event we can provide you with free tickets for the event (whether or not this is ‘pre-pay’ or ‘pay on the night’).

These are professionally printed tickets which will have a logo (if supplied) plus full details of the venue plus start and finish times.

If you wish we can provide festival style wristbands instead of tickets.

If you have selected the ‘pre-pay’ option for photos the ticket can double up as the guests’ photo voucher

This is our best value option.

Simply add the cost of the photo to the ticket price of the event ensuring that all attendees have a photograph to take away of their special night.

Provided more than 100 photos are pre-purchased the cost per print is only £7.50.

Additional photographs can be purchased on the night for the same low cost of £7.50.

We find that by offering cheap event photography guests buy more photos, perhaps a formal print for and also a fun picture or two with friends

Pay on the Night
Our prices are slightly higher is you select the ‘Pay on the Night’ option, this is because our experience shows that not all guests will buy a photograph.

We still keep our prices low and less than many of our competitors.

Prices are ;

1 photo = £15

3 photos = £30

As our prices are very competitive we typically find that guests will buy 3 photographs on the night.

We have no issue with friends grouping together to secure the 3 photos for £30 deal

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