A good photographer is a necessity for any formal dance or event, whether it’s a charity ball, a graduation ball, fancy dress or a masquerade ball.

For many of us, it is not a common occurrence to spend hours preparing and preening before dressing in our absolute best. We would hardly be seen in a three piece suit or ballroom gown on our way to the local pub or club, so when the opportunity arises and we attend a ball, we want at least one high quality photograph to remember the occasion.

Aside from the fact that we’ve generally put a lot of time and effort into looking our best at a ball, we may also want photographs to serve as reminders of the fun times spent with fellow students, colleagues, friends or even family.

With this century’s development of digital cameras, smartphones and the internet, many of our favourite photographs are only ever seen as pixels on a screen. However, special occasions like balls are the perfect opportunity to take home a permanent, physical reminder of the enjoyment of the evening.

What’s more, when you use professional ball photographers like Ignite Images, visitors will be safe in the knowledge that their photographs will be crisp, clear and well composed – without the time and hassle of attending a photographer’s studio.

Instead, here at Ignite Images we bring the photography studio to your event. Ball photography allows us to enjoy many wonderful buildings and settings, but we have tailored our set up to produce the best possible photographs regardless of the surroundings. Our pop-up studio consists of a four metre wide black velvet backdrop, with three studio flash units to ensure optimal lighting for groups of all sizes. We have set up our pop-up studio in a variety of locations in the past, including London’s beautiful Lincoln’s Inn, Syon House, Grosvenor House, and Blenheim Palace amongst many others.

Once taken, photographs are wirelessly transferred to a remote viewing station. Guests can then review their pictures, before our assistant prints them to order.

Any excesses of food, dancing or alcohol can leave our memories of the big night slightly hazy, but the high quality prints here at Ignite Images will provide a lasting reminder of the fun of the evening. We use the same equipment that is used to produce high quality photographic prints at the likes of Boots and specialist printing shops, with the added speed and convenience of guests choosing and purchasing their images on the night itself. We can print in a variety of sizes, with a typical 9” x 6” print taking only 15 seconds to process, and slightly longer for larger pieces.

If you’re interested in the services of Ignite Images for your ball or formal event, there are two options to choose from. Parties of 100 or above can choose our free to attend service, where we will arrive and charge guests for their prints on an individual basis. Alternatively, you could use our pre-paid service and include the photographs in the price of your ball tickets. This will allow guests a predetermined number of prints without the need to pay on the night.

Whichever service would best suit your needs, why not use Ignite Images to photograph your formal ball, and provide guests with a reminder of their big night for years to come?

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