Roaming photography with a BIG difference!

Have you ever had your photograph taken at an event and never seen it?

For most people this will be a resounding YES! This is where we are different, very different. What we do at events is;

  • take photos, or GIFs, of guests
  • show the image(s) immediately to guests on an iPad
  • guests can email or text the photos to themselves
  • the photos can be printed (if the printing option has been chosen)

Such a simple idea yet so powerful and ideal for;

  • parties
  • experiential events
  • activations
  • festivals

This is yet another service we offer where we leverage technology to provide real benefits to clients.

Roaming Photography – THE PROCESS

roaming photographer process at an event

Roaming Photography Redefined

No longer do guests have to wait to see their photos and download them.

This service is loved by guests as they receive their photos instantly by text or email.

If the print option is chosen they will also receive a physical print instantly.


How does it work?

Step 1

The photographer takes a photo of guests.

GIFs can also be taken by taking four different photos (these are then ‘stitched’ together automatically by our software to create the GIF).


Step 2

The guest can immediately view the photo, or GIF on the iPad.


Step 3

The guest then enters their email address, or mobile number (to receive by text).


Step 4 – Printing (if this option is chosen)

A postcard sized print is produced for each person in the photo.

Prints are also made from GIFs. These can either be of the first photo, or all photos can be printed similar to a photobooth.

Due to the weight of the printers these need to be located in a central place and cannot be carried by our photographers.

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Almost all of our work is in the corporate market – activations, parties and PR events.

As such branding is incredibly important as most content will be shared on social media channels and Whatsapp.

We work with clients to provide high quality branding. This applies to;

  • the photo template itself
  • HTML email
  • landing page and gallery

Some client do the design work themselves, others pass across the digital assets and we do the work.


Great looking galleries

Photos and GIFs are uploaded automatically as soon as they have been taken to a gallery.

As can be seen from the examples the galleries are fully branded and can have links to the client’s website, and/or social pages.

The client will always have access to the galleries but this may be turned off on request (typically where guests don’t know each other).

Design can be by the client, us or as often is the case by collaboration.


Post event analytics

If you are spending a considerable sum of money on an event it is always helpful to demonstrate the ROI of it.

Our system can provide you with post event analytics which will measure;

  • estimated social media reach
  • downloads
  • prints

You will also be provided with guest demographics which will show;

  • gender of guests
  • number of people in each photo
  • age groupings

This information is something that was never available in the past and can greatly help in measuring the success of events and the planning of future ones.