The Roaming Photobooth for Events

roaming photography with social media sharing

The Roaming Photobooth for Events

At Ignite Images we always like to be at the forefront of event photography technology so we have developed our Roaming Photobooth - a hybrid between roaming photography and a photobooth.

We use technology bespoke to ourselves that you won't find other companies using.

So what is the Roaming Photobooth?

The Roaming bit: Our photographer will wander around the event and shoot posed photos of guests. Guests will then instantly be able to view their photos on a tablet and send them to themselves by email or text message.

The photobooth bit: The photos are immediately sent to a printing station. Guests can view them on a beautiful large screen 27" iMac and choose which ones they want printed.

roaming photobooth

what is that?

we've worked with big brands

Expectations for instant delivery of practically every product or service these days have massively increased and of course this includes photos.

By allowing guests to immediately social share the professional images taken at your event you will be showing their friends and followers your event in the best light possible.

Great quality photos shared on the likes of Facebook are far more likely to be commented on than a poor quality pixelated camera phone image.

in the moment

because it's expected

prints are great

we love them

Over hundreds of events where we have provided printing on-site services we still love the look on people's faces when they receive a printed photo.

A smile is guaranteed, probably because people are so used to 'consuming' images digitally these days.

When people see a print which is typically 18 times the resolution as a digital image they are astounded!

In my mind I compare the renaissance and love of printed photos to the renaissance and love of vinyl records.

To retrieve their prints the guests simply need to visit the Printing Station which will be set up in a convenient location at the event.

Photos can be viewed on a large 27" iMac and select which photos they would like printed. Our Print Assistant can carry out straight forward edits prior to printing.

Summer Ball

If branding is important to you at your event we can help in three ways;

  • An overlay on the digital image
  • An overlay on the print
  • Bespoke branded wallets
  • Bespoke microsite

The overlay you choose may be a logo or graphic of some description.

It will be added automatically by our system and if you wish can be different between the digital copy and the print.

If you let us have graphics prior to the event we can show you what it will look like on a sample image.


promote your company

branded wallets

the finishing touch

To compliment the branded photos we can also supply branded wallets to hold them in.

We have used these very successfully with the likes of Amazon, the Springboks, BT Sport, Thomas the Tank Engine etc.

Not only do they provide protection for the prints we distribute but they also can be used for;

  • Brand message
  • Special offers
  • Competitions
  • Further information

It is the responsibility of the underlying client to provide the artwork for the wallets. We will of course provide artwork guidelines for you.

If you are wanting to use the email or text message route for the sharing of photos we will need to set up a bespoke microsite so that guests, or customers can retrieve their photos.

The microsite can include;

  • Banners
  • Links
  • Map
  • Special offers
  • Competitions
  • Mailing list sign-up

Crucial to the page will be Social Sharing Buttons. If these are used by the guest then it will be this 'landing page' with the guest photos that will be shared to social media.

By using a microsite in this way your brand message can go way beyond just the guests who attended the event.

We can add Google Analytics to the microsite so you can see how many people visit. Further in depth analytics may be added for an additional fee.

The guest may download their images from the microsite as well as using sharing buttons.

branded microsite

practical uses

There are many types of event where the Roaming Photobooth may work well with your event.

We attend many events where some people will never search out a photobooth, or pop-up studio but will be more than happy if a photographer comes to them. This concept is great for them.

If you have a presence at a trade show, or festival this can be a great way to attract people to your stand - perhaps the incentive of a prize draw in addition to their photo may help.

At a charity event you may want your message to get out as much as possible. By using this service with a branded microsite you will get your message beyond the people attending, and also potentially gain extra donations.

You can of course combine the Roaming Photobooth with our other event photography services such as our Corporate Photobooth, or pop-up studio.

Incentive trip

Having covered hundreds of events we have a great deal of experience as to what works at events and what doesn't.

Please feel free to call us and have a chat through the options available from all our services. We don't bite - promise!