Instagram & Twitter #Hashtag Photo Walls for Events

instagram and twitter photo wall

Instagram & Twitter #Hashtag Photo Walls for Events

Engaging your audience at events is of crucial importance, yet not always a simple task to achieve.

With social media cemented in our everyday lives it makes sense to use this channel to engage audiences that is simply not possible using other communication methods.

Our #Hashtag Wall allows your attendees to post Tweets and photos to a video wall, or TV live at your event. Crowdsourcing photos in this way is both fun and engaging.

How it works;

Choose a #Hashtag for your event

It's important to choose a unique hashtag for your event, after all you don't want to see random images, or messages on the hashtag wall.

Perhaps consider adding the year, or the venue to the hashtag, so something like #Bigawards2014 or #BigawardsLondon could work well.

We can set the start date for the hashtag as if you have been promoting it in the press, or on the event site many people will have used it prior to the day itself.

Promote the #Hashtag

If no-one knows about the hashtag the wall will look a little bare!

Ideas to promote the hashtag include;

  • Use in press
  • Show on website
  • Print on tickets
  • Hand out cards on entrance, or leave on tables
  • Compere announcement
We can also add a message to the slideshow to encourage guests to post.

What is shown?

Our specialist software will find photos posted to both Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter text messages will be displayed in banner format a the bottom of the screen.


Photos will occupy the centre of the screen.

We can add a bespoke background to the presentation to promote your brand or simply add the event details.

Additionally, we can add multiple adverts, or sponsor messages to the slideshow. We can define their regularity.

Add in Roaming Photography

It maybe that at your event you have employed a Roaming Photographer to take additional photos..

If this is the case then we can add these into the presentation. This enables your event to shown from multiple perspectives.

Printing of Instagram or Twitter Photos

If you would like your guests to leave with a permanent reminder of your event we can set up a print station.

The print station will automatically print photos of the images uploaded with your hashtag.

The photos will have your custom branding added to them prior to printing.

Upload to Facebook

In the background we can synchronise the tagged photos so they are added to a Facebook page. Another way in which your social media reach is extended.

Extended Social Media Reach

By encouraging your guests to post to Twitter and Instagram you are increasing your social media footprint.

For every post with your hashtag, all of that user's friends will see your brand and the social media outreach can be massive.

Do you supply the screens?

No we don't.

We will either use the screens of the AV company you are using, or you will need to arrange the hire of these, either from an external company, or from the venue itself.

All events are different

Whilst many events share similarities they all have different requirements.

Use the form below to get in touch, or call us and we will discuss the options for this service, and our photography services.

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