Photographing Children


  • The photographer will be identified as the official photographer by either corporate clothing or high visibility vest
  • A clear brief is agreed as to what will be photographed
  • Inform children and parents that a photographer will be in attendance at an event and ensure they consent to both the taking and publication of films or photographs which feature and clearly identify their child (e.g. close ups, small group and team photos).
  • At many events, organisers and others will reasonably wish to take wide angle, more general photos of the event sites, opening and closing ceremonies, and so on. Separate to the issue of consents for ‘identifying’ photographs/footage (as above) parents and children should at least understand that these types of images will be taken during, or at specific points in, the event e.g. information could be included on the parental consent form. It is not reasonable, practical or proportionate to require parental consents for this type of photography, or to preclude it on the basis of the concerns of a small number of parents.
  • The photographer will, at no time, have unsupervised access to children
  • Children, parents and others should be informed that if they have concerns they can report these to the organiser.
  • Any photographs held online will be in a password protected gallery if requested. This password will be held and controlled by the event organiser, not the photographer.
  • In the galleries there will be no identification of the children.
  • Should any child or parent/carer wish a photo to be deleted this will be done as soon as possible.
  • No photographs will be given to any third party, eg press without the express permission of the parent/carer.
  • Photographs will only be taken if the children are appropriately dressed for their activity and no photographs will be taken in changing rooms.
  • For the likes of studio shots verbal direction only will be given (ie. no touching), and again no photographs will be taken unsupervised.
  • Should the club/organisation wish to conduct an Enhanced CRB check of the photographer this is of course perfectly acceptable.